Miss Madison VS Crib Day 1

So after MUCH research and reading I have decided to start sleep training Miss Madi. I am starting with her naps and when we master that I will move to night training. I am doing Cry-it-out with checks and pickup and put downs. What this means is if she cries I check on her every few minutes and shhhh her and every few times I pick her up and put her back down.

I was hesitant to do this because I didn't want to seem 'mean', but the funny thing is Madi has been a MUCH happier baby even after 1 day! Oh sure she SCREAMED, but as soon as she is picked up she stops and then SMILES. So I know she is just fine. We tried for 3 naps yesterday and she cried during all of them. I check in for an hour each time. After the hour I take her out and we eat and play.

In between her naps she is so content and happy to play on her own. She didn't cry to be held 90% of the time like she ususally does. For bedtime I bathed her and moved the glider from the living room to her room. I nursed her and swaddled her and turned on her Rainforset Machine and she fell asleep no crying at all. When she did wake up I took her to bed with me, but at least she did fall asleep on her own in her own crib.

My next goal is to find the "sweet spot", the time when she starts to get sleepy, but before she is too tired. I think for her it is about an hour and 15 minutes after she wakes up. This tough love is hard! It's hard to hear your baby cry, but I'm not just ignoring her and this will help the entire family.

Here is Miss Madi during Girls Day Out.

All the girls in PINK.

Miss Madi's dessert, whip cream!

The pretty bracelet Aunt Gail made me!

Gammy Suzie Button opening her Birthday gifts.

The End.

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