I'm exhausted!

So the co-sleeping has to come to an end. I'm sore and tired and really miss my side of the bed. Miss Madison wanted to eat all night last night (probably because she took the biggest poo before bedtime- it was everywhere!) and I was up most of the night. She really hates her crib so this is going to be tough on me. Pretty sure it won't be so tough for Oliver!

I really am confused what 'method' I should use because so many people have different opinions on what works. I'm quite sure she is not ready for Cry-it-out so we will try some other things before resorting to that. I'm determined to get this over with and it's my own fault for co-sleeping in the first place. I just wanted to SLEEP! Can you really blame me???

Please leave me a comment if you have a suggestion!

Here is the brat now!


  1. I have no advice to give on the matter since I let my daughter run the show. But good luck!

  2. We had a friend that did co-sleeping and was STILL doing it when her oldest was five. She warned us to NEVER do it. We read a book called Baby Wise and LOVED IT. Our son was sleeping through the night (in his own crib) at 9 weeks. I didnt go for the crying out method either but The Baby Whisperer also had some tips/tricks. GOOD LUCK!

  3. Well from reading your most recent posts, it sounds like you are doing great!! It is sad to make the transition from your room to theirs but once it happens, it seems like everyone sleeps better! :) Keep up the good work mommy!!! And OMG....that skirt she has on in the last pic is SO freakin cute!!


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