Had a blast!

Mom's Night Out was soooo much fun! I had this REALLY yummy Margarita~ Pomegranate and Sage. Apparently sage brings out the flavor of the tequila and pomegranate sweetens it. This is my new favorite drink!

I think it's awesome to be able to get together with other women whom you don't know and be able to have a great time. Maybe because we are all Mom's and we are suffering though the same crap that we can bond. I definitely do NOT miss the days when I was young and girls were catty and mean! It's not a competition it's just relaxing and fun. Usually when I agree ahead of time to do something like this I dread it. I'm tired or don't feel like going. Yesterday I was tired and I hadn't showered, but I was looking forward to it anyways. I didn't even let the fact that NONE of my cute shirts fit over my huge boobies bother me!! Now that is progress. I am looking forward to next time for sure.

Of course we took pictures.....

Hi Lauren!

Amber and I

All of us!


  1. I'm stealing these pictures. Oh, and my boobs look HUGE in that dress.

  2. OMG!!! You and Lauren go to the same mommy group!!! What are the chances??? that is so awesome! I am super jealous!!! Lauren and I became friends on BBC then on myspace.. now we "chat" and send each other gifts! I have 4 dresses for Averie in my van right now!


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