Really? Randy Travis?

First of all I just want to say that Oliver and I don't ever listen to country music. Not that we don't like it just that if we have a choice it's never country. Back long long ago when I was preggo my mom sent me a blog with some 'baby' friendly music on it. Being the good soon-to-be Mommy I was I burned them to a cd. The very first song is Amazing Grace sung by Randy Travis.

His voice has hypnotized my baby!! EVERY time I put that song on she stops crying, but if I let it play to track 2 she starts to whimper and I have to replay it again and again. I have never seen a baby react to music this way! Granted I have not been around many babies, but this seems odd to me. This is a video because of course many of you think I'm crazy so I attempted to get proof. The video sucks because you can't see her face, but you can hear her cry and then stop when I play the music.


  1. I HATE country music. Avery's never heard it as far as I know. Let's hope the Randy Travis infatuation is just a phase!

  2. I love country music, ESPECIALLY Randy Travis! I can understand why your baby reacts the way she does.

  3. That is cute! We enjoy Randy Travis in general, I'm not a huge country fan these days though. Too much sap.

    Austin used to calm down when Joe would play Cat Stevens "Oh Very Young" when he was a baby. Makes me wonder.

  4. Perhaps you should get a cd with only Randy Travis songs on it and see if your little one remains quiet for the whole cd.


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