My ceiling fan!

So Miss Madison spends so much time staring at the ceiling fan I thought I should at least make it interesting to look at. I found directions at Angela Pea

So while she took a nap I lugged in the ladder and took off the blades. I'm not very crafty so I took them to Grandma's house for a little help.
Here we are at the fabric store. By the way if you are ever in Dallas you need to check out the fabric warehouses off Midway they are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Here the directions said to use a sharpie on the edges, but I'm so impatient I just got some gold paint and brushes.

This is my Mom having WAY too much fun! You can vist her Suzie Button Creations she always has good projects going on!

We traced and cut out the sticky stuff (yeah, I can't recall the name of the stuff we bought it at Joanne's)(THIS IS MEGAN'S MOM, SUZIE BUTTON, IN MEGAN'S LAYOUT PAGE ADDING LINKS AND FIXING MISTAKES AND THE "STICKY STUFF" IS ULTRAHOLD HEAT N' BOND, he,he!) and ironed it to the fabric.

We cut it out and ironed it to the matching fan blade.

Ta Da!!!

After all of our hard work Miss Madi just loved it! This is how she looked after watching it awhile....

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