I'm losing my mind.

It's officially happened. I've lost it. Pregnancy brain was a convenient excuse for most of the last year, but what about now? First I "lost" my keys and had to take my Mom's car home. Oliver said it was fine if I moved in with her, punk. They turned out to be in the bedroom. Several times in the last few weeks I hunted for my keys while they were already IN my hand. Today was great, I left the house wearing my flip flops that are meant for home NOT going out in public. I was halfway to the mall when I looked at my feet and was like 'what the heck am I wearing'! Meanwhile Miss Madi looked like a supermodel baby, of course.
When went walking at the mall with our new friends Lauren and Avery. Avery is such a good girl she puts Miss Madi to shame! Madison had to be fed twice and took a 10 minute nap and finally had a meltdown. All within two hours! If she wasn't so darn cute I'd leave her at Grandma's house. She knows all the tricks. I took her out to the car while she was screaming and fed her. After two minutes she starts to coo and smile at me. Brat! Here are some more cute pictures to tide you over.
This is us at the mall.

Her new favorite toy.

Being cute!


  1. Precious girl! I enjoyed our walk and our chat today!

  2. She is so beautiful! And hey, where is the picture of the flip flops? I was hoping to see them!!!


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