Wow so I am really doing well at getting in posts even with a baby! It did help that we took her to Grandma's today to swim and it plain tuckered her out. She is passed out in her room for the next few hours so I have some "me" time. She really hates the pool because it's still a little chilly for her so when we got home I took a "mommy and me" bath with her in my tub and she LOVED it!
I was debating whether or not to get her one of these Photobucket because I feel she needs more interaction than she gets from me singing to her. It's all about baby development, but I just wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money if she wasn't ready for it. Last night when we were going to bed I found something she does love....

the ceiling fan! So for now I keep what we got because not many things keep her attention very long. She stared at that thing for 15 minutes while I got ready for bed it was great!

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