Ugh! I'm so upset right now! I hate technology sometimes. Pay your bills online, go paperless, sign up for this, cancel that. One of our credit cards has been being charged 20 bucks for the last year and thanks to paperless billing we were not aware of it. This company privacymatters123.com says that we "agreed" to pay them by buying something off another website! Sad to say this is not the first time this has happend I bought a swimsuit from newportnews.com and some random company billed us monthly for a service we never used. Well I threw a fit and got the whole year refunded, but I hate how they rip people off. I also filed a complaint with the BBB and I feel much better!

On a brighter note some angel inhabited my Miss Madison and she has been a complete angel all day. She was smiling and cooing and sticking her toungue out. We got some great shots for the millions of scrapbooks she has!


We have been taking monthly shots of her in this outfit and in the moses basket Grandma made. I'm a little sad she is already getting so big! *sniff*

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  1. Look how cute Madison is! I see you got my pictures, my email system didn't want to send them there were so many! She's our sweetie pie! Love Mom


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