6 down 50 more to go!

So I lost 6 whole pounds last week! I'm so excited I'm heading down the scale and not up. I promise with my next pregnancy I will not have oreo's for dinner or chicken fingers for lunch. It's so not worth it. Well, if I have to diet so does Oliver and he also lost 6 pounds even though he cheated one day. Men!!

I know this will make me sound old, but I went to water aerobics today. I wasn't actually THAT much younger than some of the women in there and it was fun just to be in the pool for a hour. It's not exactly a "workout", but I guess it's better than sitting in front of the tv.

So while glowing in the splendor of my 6 pounds (yes I DO look thinner, LOL) I went to the store to get some more low fat foods. I have been using a website I found called www.hungry-girl.com. I came across their book today Photobucket at Wal-Mart and picked it up. I made the Mexi Pizza and it was SOOOO good. Oliver was so impressed with me! I highly recommend it and the website (they also list all point values for the recipes).

Miss Madison is doing well, she took a 3 hour nap with Aunt Katie. I'm glad someone will lay down and nap with her because it helps her sleep longer! They are so freaking cute together all curled up on the couch.

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