Madison Speaks

So I told myself I was gonna get my lazy bones up this morning and go to the Body Blast class at the gym. I'm up and trying to motivate myself, ughh! I know I will feel better after I go, but getting there is the hard part. During the week it's even harder to go because she is too small for the nursery and sometimes Aunt Katie is not up for babysitting. Literally :) A little Daddy time is good for her anyways. Okay, just ONE more cup of coffee and I'll get ready. In the meantime, I uploaded the millions of videos I have of Madi where I am trying to get her to talk. It is so darn cute, but the camera has a red light on the front and every time I turn it on her she is fascinated by the light and ignores me. I did get one so sit back and enjoy....

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