Hot. It's just plain HOT here in Texas! My car read 99 degrees outside around noon when Madi and I left to have lunch with my friend Detra. I turned the AC on super high and the noise made her fall asleep ALMOST the entire hour ride there. Lucky me! Madi was stylin' today in her zebra print...
I haven't seen Detra since my baby shower and now she is preggo with a little girl! She was telling me about how much the baby moves and I remember laying on the couch at night and feeling Madi kick me after dinner. I didn't really enjoy being pregnant, but there are some things I do miss.
So after lunch (yes I stayed on my WW diet!) we went to Babies R' Us and looked around. I found a float for Madison to use in the pool Sunday so watch for those photos! I also got her a Baby Einstein Gym and after putting it all together she hated it! She did happen to like the little rattles I got for her wrists probably because she can stick them in her mouth! Little Punk!

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