Best Husband EVER!

I have the best husband! He does have his faults, but he really knows how to make me happy! Today I called him at work and he said he had a meeting and would be home late, but that he got me a present. Weird because I usually buy presents for myself and he just doesn't complain about the money. We have a system and it works for us. Well when he came home he had bought me a new iphone! I have been wanting one of these since the iphone came out.
Now Oliver only really cares if his phone is working and small he doesn't use any of the cool features that are avaliable to us. On the other hand I LOVE gadgets and nothing makes me happier than to have a new one. Notice the videos on my blog? Yep that's my Flip Video Camcorder and it's awesome too. Now I can try to figure out how to work it while sitting for hours on the couch nursing Miss Madison.

Speaking of my cutie pie here are some pictures I took of her yesterday. She is just growing like a cute flower bigger everyday. I start back to school soon and I'm really not ready to be seperated from her! What if she does something cute while I'm gone!!



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