6am Wakeup Call


5am- Madison starts to squirm which is code for "undo my dang swaddle"

530am- Madison starts to coo and "talk" to me. She knows this is too cute and I can't ignore her and go back to sleep.

6am- I finally get out of bed and make some coffee.

630am- Madison is having a good ole time jumping in her toy. I am thinking she is especially active this morning.

7am- I pick her up for 'breakfast' and when I put her on my lap I'm like what is wet on my arm.

7:01am- POO POO POO everywhere! I hate Huggies! She leaks every time, but this is the first POO. EWWWWW where is Oliver when I need him?!?

7:05am- Bath time for Miss Madi (who by the way was so happy to have poo'd after 2 days she was laughing and cooing the whole time)

7:15am- Finally she goes down for a nap! I think I need one too....


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  1. Madison, Grandma loves you whether you're screaming or happy, but girl put that tongue back in your mouth!


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