Dr Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde


6am Wakeup Call


5am- Madison starts to squirm which is code for "undo my dang swaddle"

530am- Madison starts to coo and "talk" to me. She knows this is too cute and I can't ignore her and go back to sleep.

6am- I finally get out of bed and make some coffee.

630am- Madison is having a good ole time jumping in her toy. I am thinking she is especially active this morning.

7am- I pick her up for 'breakfast' and when I put her on my lap I'm like what is wet on my arm.

7:01am- POO POO POO everywhere! I hate Huggies! She leaks every time, but this is the first POO. EWWWWW where is Oliver when I need him?!?

7:05am- Bath time for Miss Madi (who by the way was so happy to have poo'd after 2 days she was laughing and cooing the whole time)

7:15am- Finally she goes down for a nap! I think I need one too....



Madison Speaks

So I told myself I was gonna get my lazy bones up this morning and go to the Body Blast class at the gym. I'm up and trying to motivate myself, ughh! I know I will feel better after I go, but getting there is the hard part. During the week it's even harder to go because she is too small for the nursery and sometimes Aunt Katie is not up for babysitting. Literally :) A little Daddy time is good for her anyways. Okay, just ONE more cup of coffee and I'll get ready. In the meantime, I uploaded the millions of videos I have of Madi where I am trying to get her to talk. It is so darn cute, but the camera has a red light on the front and every time I turn it on her she is fascinated by the light and ignores me. I did get one so sit back and enjoy....



Hot. It's just plain HOT here in Texas! My car read 99 degrees outside around noon when Madi and I left to have lunch with my friend Detra. I turned the AC on super high and the noise made her fall asleep ALMOST the entire hour ride there. Lucky me! Madi was stylin' today in her zebra print...
I haven't seen Detra since my baby shower and now she is preggo with a little girl! She was telling me about how much the baby moves and I remember laying on the couch at night and feeling Madi kick me after dinner. I didn't really enjoy being pregnant, but there are some things I do miss.
So after lunch (yes I stayed on my WW diet!) we went to Babies R' Us and looked around. I found a float for Madison to use in the pool Sunday so watch for those photos! I also got her a Baby Einstein Gym and after putting it all together she hated it! She did happen to like the little rattles I got for her wrists probably because she can stick them in her mouth! Little Punk!


Best Husband EVER!

I have the best husband! He does have his faults, but he really knows how to make me happy! Today I called him at work and he said he had a meeting and would be home late, but that he got me a present. Weird because I usually buy presents for myself and he just doesn't complain about the money. We have a system and it works for us. Well when he came home he had bought me a new iphone! I have been wanting one of these since the iphone came out.
Now Oliver only really cares if his phone is working and small he doesn't use any of the cool features that are avaliable to us. On the other hand I LOVE gadgets and nothing makes me happier than to have a new one. Notice the videos on my blog? Yep that's my Flip Video Camcorder and it's awesome too. Now I can try to figure out how to work it while sitting for hours on the couch nursing Miss Madison.

Speaking of my cutie pie here are some pictures I took of her yesterday. She is just growing like a cute flower bigger everyday. I start back to school soon and I'm really not ready to be seperated from her! What if she does something cute while I'm gone!!




Oliver's 1st Father's Day!

Oliver is still a little shocked that he is a Dad now. All day he kept asking me 'Can you believe that I'm a Dad?'. Miss Madison picked out a Wii boxing game for him and got him a cute card that I tried to get her to "sign" with no such luck. She helped entertain him while I made him a yummy breakfast and got us ready to go swimming at Grandma's house. Madison's real present to him was the 4 hour nap she took while we got to have some fun in the sun! Thanks Madi!



I'll NEVER do that...

....have a baby.

....leave the house looking less than perfect or at least cute! (Thanks MOM for pointing that one out!)

....have the baby sleep in my bed with me.

....pick her up when she cries.

....gain back all the weight I lost for my wedding. Plus some.

....go without a perfect mani and pedi.

All for this....


She's so worth it!!


6 down 50 more to go!

So I lost 6 whole pounds last week! I'm so excited I'm heading down the scale and not up. I promise with my next pregnancy I will not have oreo's for dinner or chicken fingers for lunch. It's so not worth it. Well, if I have to diet so does Oliver and he also lost 6 pounds even though he cheated one day. Men!!

I know this will make me sound old, but I went to water aerobics today. I wasn't actually THAT much younger than some of the women in there and it was fun just to be in the pool for a hour. It's not exactly a "workout", but I guess it's better than sitting in front of the tv.

So while glowing in the splendor of my 6 pounds (yes I DO look thinner, LOL) I went to the store to get some more low fat foods. I have been using a website I found called www.hungry-girl.com. I came across their book today Photobucket at Wal-Mart and picked it up. I made the Mexi Pizza and it was SOOOO good. Oliver was so impressed with me! I highly recommend it and the website (they also list all point values for the recipes).

Miss Madison is doing well, she took a 3 hour nap with Aunt Katie. I'm glad someone will lay down and nap with her because it helps her sleep longer! They are so freaking cute together all curled up on the couch.


Happy baby!

I just wanted to post a cute video to brighten your day. If only I woke up this happy everyday.... Wish me luck today is my first Weight Watchers weigh in. I didn't cheat unlike some of my counterparts so I better lose more than them!


Ugh! I'm so upset right now! I hate technology sometimes. Pay your bills online, go paperless, sign up for this, cancel that. One of our credit cards has been being charged 20 bucks for the last year and thanks to paperless billing we were not aware of it. This company privacymatters123.com says that we "agreed" to pay them by buying something off another website! Sad to say this is not the first time this has happend I bought a swimsuit from newportnews.com and some random company billed us monthly for a service we never used. Well I threw a fit and got the whole year refunded, but I hate how they rip people off. I also filed a complaint with the BBB and I feel much better!

On a brighter note some angel inhabited my Miss Madison and she has been a complete angel all day. She was smiling and cooing and sticking her toungue out. We got some great shots for the millions of scrapbooks she has!


We have been taking monthly shots of her in this outfit and in the moses basket Grandma made. I'm a little sad she is already getting so big! *sniff*


Wow so I am really doing well at getting in posts even with a baby! It did help that we took her to Grandma's today to swim and it plain tuckered her out. She is passed out in her room for the next few hours so I have some "me" time. She really hates the pool because it's still a little chilly for her so when we got home I took a "mommy and me" bath with her in my tub and she LOVED it!
I was debating whether or not to get her one of these Photobucket because I feel she needs more interaction than she gets from me singing to her. It's all about baby development, but I just wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money if she wasn't ready for it. Last night when we were going to bed I found something she does love....

the ceiling fan! So for now I keep what we got because not many things keep her attention very long. She stared at that thing for 15 minutes while I got ready for bed it was great!


Bows Bows and more Bows

I just can't help myself. I love to put Miss Madison in cute bows. Big, small, pink and blue no bow is left out!
I'm new to the blogging world so today while Miss Madi napped I hunted around for some interesting blogs to follow. I happened to come across this website www.babybellamaya.com. They have some very afforadable and cute bows. I ordered Photobucket and then I saw these Photobucket and I HAD to get them to match! So cute!

Here are a couple more photos of how cute she is in them.




Day One

Today was not charmed that's for sure! Poor Miss Madison was having a meltdown most of the day today. Obviously she didn't realize today was Friday (otherwise known as "happy shopping/crafting day). Poor girl....
We went to Grandmas house for crafting and lunch and all she wanted to do was cry, cry, cry. Well lucky for her Daddy (oliver) agreed to come and pick her up and give me some free time to catch a movie. We wanted to see The Proposal, but it doesn't come out until the 19th. Next week! Oops! I didn't tell Oliver so off they went and I did sneek in a little shopping.


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