Friday Favorites

This is a must have, literally have no idea how I lived so long without one - Pop socket. It helps you grip your phone and sets it up to watch Hulu while I cook dinner.  Just finished Blindspot - catching up on This is Us. Top is the Bashful Top.

I'm just not a heels girl, if I can get away with flats I will wear them daily. I especially love ones I can slip on, I just hate dealing with slipping no show socks. I ordered a pair of Gekks ages ago - they came with pretty lengthy set of directions, we all know I suck at direction so they sat on my dresser forever. My Mom gifted these MK shoes to me for Christmas and I love them with everything - leggings or jeans. So I finally figured out how to put them in {for the record it's really easy!} and I LOVE them! They stick inside your shoe - like a built in sock. I need them for all my slip ons now!

This. Candle. Is. Amazing. Everyone who walks into my house loves it. Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee Candle.

Rainy season is coming and I highly recommend this Windproof Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella - it's sturdy, cute, and it flips both ways so you can slid into your car and close it on your way in!

If you have muscle soreness this HealthmateForever TENS Unit is super helpful - it's similar to what they use a chiropractor office. I have heard insurance may cover a unit, but this on is like 30 bucks off Amazon and works great! It's a muscle stimulator, it uses low voltage electric to release muscle pain. I put it on my traps a lot before I go to bed :)

In a hurry and want to wear a dress, but no time to spray tan? Loving Tan body makeup -  waterproof and won't rub off! It dries in 60 seconds, didn't come off on my clothing and looked great! You have to use soap to get it off.

Next week I'll update on my favorite beauty products! You can always find my Amazon shop at the top of the page under shop. I try to update often with my most loved items! Trying out a new spray tanner this weekend ;)


Those Kids.

This month at our Church we are doing 21 Days of Prayer and fasting - Madison wanted to participate and decided to give up desserts. For the past 2 weeks she has stuck to her word, even when Oliver and I weren't around. She was on a playdate at a friends house and the Mom texted me that Madison turned down dessert because of her fast, I totally didn't even think to mention it. I completely left it up to her, she's been a rock. I can't even express the amount of respect I have for my 7 year old right now. I know adults that can't stick to this for a week, shoot, myself included! 

More than anything I want my children to be polite, respectful, and true to their word. I struggle with all of these things often, so to see my baby girl holding true to her word makes me want to try harder in my own life. 

Hat from Jennifer Ann Style.

Now this little turkey right here. Sigh. He's turning 3 in March and we've been debating potty training him, but I wasn't 100% sure he was ready. Then last week at school his teacher said he asked to use the urinal and went, so I took that as a sign that he was ready to let go of the diapers.

So I got on Amazon, bought a Mickey Mouse potty and underwear. The day we opened it he insisted on taking his diaper off and sitting on it - he actually went too! I was like - heck yeah! We got this. 

The next day I opened his new underwear and let him pick which one he wanted to wear - once he had them on he started crying to take them off... "TOO TIGHT, TOO TIGHT" which is what he says anytime he doesn't want to wear certain things {like any shoe except his light up Batman shoes}

With Madison we used the 3 day method - you stay home for 3 days and literally drink and potty all day long - now we have tutoring, soccer practice, crossfit kids, etc and staying home for 3 days is not very feasible. I don't know what to do about longer car trips? I'm not a fan of pull-ups, they are really just diapers, but do I just stop frequently? Am I overthinking this?? Do I really need to train him at all?! hahahaha. geez. You'd think I never had a kid before!

Also. That pee is everywhere!!!! I'm like - hold it down, but he doesn't get it. Then he gets upset that there is a mess on the floor, he's very tidy. Yesterday he refused to walk through a puddle, he made me pick him up and carry him so his shoes wouldn't get wet. Can I just use a piddle pad under the potty chair?! Someone said to use the regular potty, but he seem scared of it.


If you Workout you NEED this!

I've made some tweaks to my diet and I think they are making a big impact on my strength and I wanted to share with y'all. I am still counting macros, but I don't think I'd call it super 'flexible' dieting. I am eliminating, actually let's it's more like cutting way back, sugar and dairy and timing my foods to try to keep my blood levels stable throughout the day. I eat every 3 hours and I always eat protein with carbs. 

No more snacking on grapes throughout the day.
No more sweet treats between meals, even if the fit my macros. 

The first two weeks were really hard, I felt hungry and deprived. I thought - I'm good I don't need to get stronger, but deep down of course I want to improve on myself! I'm not happy staying the same for long. So I kept chugging along, boring and predictable foods every day. Well, except for my Home Chef meals 2x a week. If you don't follow me on Snapchat, that's where I've been sharing all my meals. 

I've tried to cut out all dairy, but I haven't been able to 100% yet. I try to only use it when absolutely necessary, lol, cheese emergencies. So for example here is how I would pair my food:

25g carbs + 25g protein +8g fat {Breakfast} 
So born is my Oatmeal mixed with egg whites and almond butter.

Protein shake after every workout.

BCAA. Y'all lemme tell you why you NEED to be taking BCAA. I thought my diet was good - lots of protein every day. I got lazy and stopped taking my Catalyst, I also lost muscle. I immediately got back on my bandwagon of Catalyst every morning before my workout and I gained muscle. THAT'S my proof that it works. 

Now you can drink them also, I prefer the above combo of Limeade Spark + Red Raspberry Rehydrate. The pill form of BCAA's in Catalyst make it easy for me to know I'm getting the full amount, a lot of times I don't finish what's in my water bottle at the gym. 

Overall I obviously haven't been 100%, but I try to make as many of my meals as possible adhere to my plan and I can tell a difference in my lifting, my endurance, recovery, and body. I will never be on the bandwagon that diary and sugar are evil - I DO believe in moderation. Will a cookie kill your progress? No. Will a sleeve of cookies kill your progress? lol, maybe. It IS girl scout cookie season. 

Plus I totally out lifted Oliver yesterday, that's a damn good feeling. 



Y'all I'm seriously obsessed with my brows! I was so scared and now I'm so glad I found someone who gave me exactly what I wanted. Jewels Artistry in Forney. This was right after she was done.

She started out by numbing my brows, cute huh? She left this cream on for about 15-20 minutes.

The she measured and drew on my face - this was kinda scary because I have to approve the look I want. It's hard to say, yeah I love this when it looks thick. You have to imagine it drawn in between the lines. Then she picked a pigment color and dotted it on my skin to show me. 

Next she tested an area for pain, I felt nothing. It was pretty painless, only a bit uncomfortable on the edges by my scar from an eyebrow ring long long ago. From the time she started drawing with an exacto knife on my face to the end was about 10-15 minutes. We chatted the entire time, seriously so easy.

Day 1 was great, day 2 they were a bit red and darker, day 3 and 4 they are totally fine. I haven't had much flaking at all. You can't get them wet for 7 days y'all - no showers just bathes. Seriously do not google the do's and don't because they vary so much from artist to artist. She said no working out the day of {so I wouldn't bleed a lot} and I went back to the gym the next day. 

I asked if sweating would make the color run, she said no. People use different pigments and if the pigment is cheap that's where you will have colors changing on your face. 

Snow Leopard Top

This is day 4. The lips are my LipSense - Aussie Rose and Razzberry. 
The number one tip I'd give is to search and search for someone you feel comfortable with! I hunted for month, when she was recommended to me I looked her up and every one of her IG pictures was YYAAAAASSSSSS. I knew right then I'd be happy with her work - this is your face so don't settle. 

The cost was $350 for the initial visit - follow up is $150. $500 is the going price from all the places I quoted in the area. They last 18 month to 3 years depending on your skin - the oiler you are the more it can fade, but everyone is different. 


Going Heavy + BF Testing

Back in the day when I was doing my thing in the gym I had a difficult time answering the question - how heavy should I be lifting? I worked out 6 days a week and it was very rare for me to be sore unless I was trying a new move. I just thought I wasn't getting sore because I worked out so much because when I was there I was kicking my own butt. I worked hard, I was sweating, I was out of breath.

Then I started Crossfit and I realized I had so much more in me that needed to be pulled out - I needed someone else to push me. I needed to see other women lifting heavier than me to motivate me to try more. There was NOTHING wrong with my workouts at the gym before, but now that I've pushed myself past my own limits I crave it. I get high off getting my ass kicked at the gym. Except today, my abs hurt so bad I literally couldn't even stand up straight. I took the GHD race a little to literally. 

From Nov - Jan I gained 1 pound of muscle and lost 1 pound of fat. My weight was exactly the same, THIS is why if you have access to body fat testing {I do the hydrostatic - not the handheld ones} I highly recommend you do it. A lot of times you won't see all your hard work on the scale - because a pound of fat and muscle both weigh the same, but you'll be smaller! It's not very expensive, I pay $40 a test. I don't even bother weighing myself at home anymore, it's pretty damn freeing too. That number can play tricks on your mind, maybe it didn't drop and you say eff it and revert back to bad habits - if you'd just stayed off that scale and kept on going...

Madison is really loving Crossfit Kids and has taken to teaching her brother, he pretty much does everything she says so it's a good fit ;) Madison has given up desserts for the next 21 Days, she was trying to argue with me that a Fruit Rollup wasn't candy - it was fruit. hahaha. Nice try baby girl. {it's something we are doing at Church}

She's also been BEGGING me to run the Hot Chocolate 5k this year, she REALLY wants the jacket. I was just worried it would be too cold for her - last year was unbearable for me much less a kid. So far it's been a really mild winter so I went ahead and signed us up and rounded up a bunch of our friends to run it will us. I'm so excited - Mothers and daughters getting fit together - pretty much my favorite Saturday activity. 


Friday Fav's: Sweating.

Fun workout leggings via Ollie Maire Boutique - Crop Top too! They would also go really well with my favorite gym bag...

Oliver bought me this Vooray Gym Bag for Christmas and I freaking love it so hard! It's the perfect size for all my gym things {or my Mary Poppins bag as it's lovingly referred to}. It even has a shoe compartment on the side which is handy, I like to take my running and lifting shoes with me in case I change my mind about what I'm going to do. 

After spending a few hours at PT for my knee I HAD to buy a Stretch Out Strap ! I carry this with me anytime I workout and stretch like it's my job after every workout, this strap is super handy for stretching all those muscles, I love it better than my foam roller. Nothing makes me feel better than 10 minutes on the floor with this green thing.

This is not for the weak of heart - it's crazy strong and will give you the tingles....just the way I like it ;) Mr Hyde Intense Pre Workout .

A xFitness Jump Rope ! When I don't feel like cardio I LOVE to jump rope between sets to get my sweat going, everyone should have their own so you can adjust it to your height.


1 Food you MUST try!

Food, food, food. It's always about the dang food. So lemme share what I've been eating lately.

I'm sure you all know my love affair for Trader Joes, well they have been letting me down lately. For the last 6 months I haven't been able to buy Riced Cauliflower, Italy is having custom problems or something like that - whatever! I need my cauliflower! The fresh doesn't freeze well and it's too far to drive very often. 

Anyways, Walmart of course has something even BETTER, but I hate hate hate going to that store. I will make an exception for this...

Sweet potato and cauliflower - plus you can microwave the bag!!!! This stuff is so good, easy, and filling without a ton of calories.

But, what should you put with it?

Whatever your little heart desires! I love to add chicken, peppers, corn, salsa, and cheese! Or you could do shrimp or turkey. 

In the cold month, well mostly cold months here in Dallas, I live on sweet potato. It's pretty much good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Add eggs, turkey, bacon, goat cheese, broccoli, or kale. I boil a huge pot to use for the week.

I get this at TJ, but I'm sure you can find a kale mix at any grocery store. I sauté it in a pan to soften it a bit, sometimes added in chopped zucchini.

I just put in a hot pan for a few minutes and season with some Tonys.

A friend sent this to me and I LOVE it! I use it to season my egg whites also before putting on avocado toast.

I am still counting macros, but I'm also trying to combine and time my food. Everyone at Crossfit was doing it and you know I have to give everything a try! So the premise is you never eat a macro alone - you always combine protein with carbs and sometimes with a little bit of fat. Your goal is to keep your blood sugar level and it will give you energy and reduce your cravings. 

For example - I used to eat straight carbs before the gym - usually jelly toast. Now I eat Proats, recipe below.

1/2 cup oatmeal cooked with 1/2 cup water in microwave for 2:30
Then mix in 46g egg whites. Stir but don't cook again.
{optional added protein: yogurt mixed with protein powder} 
1/2 serving almond butter

Then after the gym I have a protein shake {I like the premixed Premier Protein} within 30 minutes. I used to wait until after a shower and getting ready to eat and I would be starving.

Lunch/Dinner consists of things similar to what I shared above. Except 2x a week when I do my HomeChef meals! I'm addicted and not willing to give them up, they make dinner fun.

Last night from Home Chef was hummus crusted chicken - I've never put hummus on chicken, but dang if it wasn't crazy simple AND delicious! 

I'm really trying to cut out cheese, mostly because of the inflammation it does to your body, but it's sooooooo hard. I felt deprived and sad, so I use it sparingly. 

To be honest I feel like most people quit their diets because it's too hard to stick to every single day, my motto is  - SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. I have to ease myself into it, baby steps. I am not 100%, but I'm still getting stronger! 

My husband can't keep his hands off it. hahahahaha.

If you need some extra motivation to jumpstart your year join me for my DietBet - starts 1/9 which is next Monday! I'll have a Facebook group where we will share food/workout ideas for the 4 weeks. 


Hello, again.

Oh My Plaid Top // Boots

Here I am! As 2017 rolled in I gave myself a little break from the blog, I just was feeling a little overwhelmed with Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook, and IG. I mean, sharing content on every platform can be confusing and exhausting, not that I don't enjoy it I just didn't have a clear cut vision of what I should be sharing on each one. Life without a plan is hard, weather it's workouts, food, working, parenting, whatever! 

I've decided I want to keep blogging, I like to read back and I'm not done documenting life just yet. I plan to *try* and blog 3x a week - a lifestyle post, a workout/food post, and another sharing some of my favorite go to products. 

Periscope will stay the same, I'll hop on as I have time, seriously my girls over there can fix my life in 2 minutes flat whenever I have a problem! Y'all suggestions for Christmas shots was a total lifesaver, buying a gift for 20 women can get expensive, but having a shot with everyone was affordable and a big hit!

I even went back the next day to buy more Rumchata to take to CF, after our 12 Days of Christmas Barbell workout we needed it!

The drink includes:

Eggnog {I used Light EggNog from Trader Joes}
1 shot Rumchata 
a splash of Fireball

The end of 2016 was so great, lots of celebrations, Poppy turned 40 and Oliver squeezed a birthday in last week too. We surprised Poppy with a dinner at Glorias in Addison, it turns into a dance club around 11 which was so much fun. I'm not sure the last time I stayed out late drinking and dancing. 

Christmas time is hard for us, every year someone gets sick and this year was no different. The day school let out Madison came down with flu AND strep, luckily she had a week to recover. She sang in the kids Christmas choir for the first time and loved it, we all have the song memorized from singing it OVER AND OVER again in the car. I swear Oliver sang louder than the kids ;)

I'm just really glad Aiden didn't catch it, although I was worried he'd have a complex after hearing me yell 'NO! DONT TOUCH HER! GERMS! GERMS!" 

I really put my foot down with the Grandparents on not buying too many toys, we are trying to declutter before moving not take on more. For the most part they did listen - except for that 5 story garage with 100 cars for Aiden. Side eye Mimi. Madison got OSMO for her iPad and loves it!

We stayed in for NYE, well Madison went to a sleepover at a friends house and I hear she was the only one awake at midnight. I was in bed by 10! I've enjoyed our downtime together, but it's time to get back to our regualry scheduled programming. 


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