Eating Out + Booty Burn

You know I really like you if I give up my after work time during the week to meet up for Mexican food. I'm trying to make more of an effort to be a good friend, can't ALWAYS say 'I'm too busy'.  I had a lot of questions about how I track my macros when I go out. 

Well, for starters I plan it into my day and adjust my other meals to accommodate my {preplanned} meal.

This is what I had to work with prior to dinner, so I could relax and enjoy a skinny rita and a decent meal without fear of killing my diet. Eating out can be stressful when you are dieting, you have minimal control over your food preparation and even sometimes the location you are eating at. I've gone to a {new} restaurant, ordered a chicken sandwich and ASSUMED it was grilled and it came fried. That was totally my own fault and you know what, I ate it anyways and just called it a day. Stressing out about 1 meal here and there does you know good - as long as you are consistent MOST of the time. I'd say I'm about 90% consistent, maybe 85% hahahaha 

I still woke up looking the same as I did yesterday, did I weigh myself?  no. Maybe I was up a pound from sodium, maybe I wasn't, but it really doesn't matter - daily fluctuations are normal.

I was at Dillard's yesterday looking for a birthday present and saw my favorite sandals on sale! I looked online, but there weren't clearanced there so if you want a pair head to the store! They go with everything, LOVE.

When I got home last night Oliver was like, 'uh your egg whites came in the mail' hahahaha. I broke down and ordered these after seeing this recipe for Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Cup Truffles. Those need to happen in my life, but first I tested them in some protein pancakes that I plan to eat after I finish this post. I ordered the Chocolate Caramel and Cake Batter Egg whites from Muscle Egg. They come in huge containers, but you can freeze them until your ready to use.

Also for those of you not on Facebook - here's a booty burning hurts so good workout you can do anywhere. Gotta do it twice - once on each side - and try to keep your hips centered so you feel it in your butt. It should hurt, that means you're doing it right :)


Shoulders + HIIT

Awwwwwwwwwww look what popped on my TimeHop from 5 years ago! I so remember that day, I just got back from bootcamp and I was feeling so good about my progress, I was pretty close to hitting my prepregnancy weight of 185 {this was after Madison}. Back then my weight loss routine was, burn all the calories I could and eat as little as I could manage, while that is not ideal {and definitely not sustainable for long term} it's all I knew at the time and it got me headed in a direction that wasn't up. 

I'm just glad my choice in workout clothing has improved, I used to throw on just any tank or tshirt. I just got these Flare Tanks in and they are little more expensive than I normally buy, but that fabric is to die for, the best fitting tank I own for sure, plus the print is beautiful! They had a pink one I didn't buy, but I may have to fix that :)

I recorded a shoulder video for y'all today, shoulders are the gateway to gorgeous arms - shoulders, triceps, then biceps -  according to me that is.

Pick your reps based on the amount of weight you use, less reps for heavier weights - or increase weight each round - no wrong way to work it out! FYI I sped up the video for time reasons, but do a slow and controlled movement when you are completing the reps!!

I also made a fun little cardio HIIT on the Stairmill - 20 minutes

1 to 2 min warmup
3 to 7 brisk pace NO HANDS
8-14 pick up the speed a bit and skip a step
15 - 20 Heart bursting sprints. 30 seconds at top running speed {adjust for your level!} and 1 minute of slow stepping letting your heart rate come down. 

Ok, go have some sweaty fun!


How to not Starve while Dieting.

When you are actively trying to lose weight there are a few things you an expect - cravings and hunger. Here are few of my tips, or more things I do/eat, so I don't die while cutting. Literally, thought there were days I would die.

1. Carbs before all else.

I recently switched the majority of my carbohydrates to earlier in the day, I used to save them for evening time so I could have pretty much whatever I wanted at dinner. My carbs right now are set for 185g/day and most days I eat around 50g of carbs just for breakfast.

I also am sure to get in a 50g of protein for breakfast, I keep the fats low and save them for dinner.

If I go for more than a 3 mile run I also eat about 20g of carbs before I run, usually in the form of a Kid's Z Bar.  I've heard trainers recommend eating carbs around your workouts and your fats further away, but I've just recently put that into practice and I can tell it's made a difference on my hunger levels and body, my stomach looks flatter.

2. Layering my Food.

This is probably a mental thing, but when I layer and build up a yummy snack I feel more satisfied. If I had only eaten the yogurt I probably would've been hungry again within an hour, but with half a serving of Chicka Bites and a third a serving of  Protein Almond Butter I was full for a good 3 hours.

3. High Volume Foods.

Popcorn is usually my afternoon snack, along with a huge Bubba of water, for around 1f/15c/2p I will stay full until I get home for dinner.

Veggies, yes yes yes, they are not only good for your body, but they are low calorie and keep you full. They are just as easy to pick up and buy as anything else at a grocery store, most stores have fresh produce available in steam-able bags right in the produce area. Throw on some salt and pepper, or goat cheese, and I could eat 3 servings just for lunch.

Even my Protein Pancakes are made with coconut flour + Protein Powder - this combo gives you more cakes for less calories. Just my cakes alone are 11c/4f/37p and that makes about 5 medium sized pancakes!

If you still don't have the recipe saved to your phone here you go - via Poppy Locks who is coming out with a 40 recipe protein pancake cookbook later this week!!

Do you love pasta? I do too, but rarely eat it because it's so high calorie for so little amount of food, but you can beef it up by adding in spiraled zucchini! If you don't have a Spiral Vegetable Slicer you are missing out! I use mine several times a week.

3. Choosing wisely.

IIFYM touts a 'eat whatever you'd like, no foods off limit' tag line, but when I am cutting I have to make hard choices and I tend to pick things that keep my tummy happy on less. I don't eat red meat, too high in fat. I don't eat avocados, a serving size is just sad. I pick berries over melon and apples, I go through 2 packs of strawberries by myself Mon to Friday.

I can be satisfied on less than a serving, if I want to add some oreos to my pancakes I can crush up a few minis {usually less than half a serving} and still feel like I had a fun treat. I used to have trouble stopping after 4 full Oreo's! Weighing your food is the biggest eye opener on how much a serving size really is.... if you haven't watched this video I recommend you do.

Now, excuse me while I go cry for a while over this head that has hair.


Perfectly Boring.

Perfect is Boring tank from OMB // hat is from Canton // Shorts Kenneth Cole from Marshalls

We had a very laid back weekend, I didn't have to fix my hair once #winning My Mom happened to have Friday night off {She's a captioner for television and works odd hours} so we all went out to dinner, Olive Garden.

I picked the tilapia and shrimp with broccoli, 12f/12c/52p awesome macros and tasted really good, OG is one of my top picks when we go out to eat, so many options that are not full of fat. One meal out can blow my daily fats, which is why I don't like to do it a lot.

I like to save my fats for 9pm summer fro-yo with the family, yes, that's Nutella on top. We don't always eat ice cream at night, but when we do we do it right.

Saturday I had to do a bunch of stuff for OMB in the morning, then Madison had her first game of summer indoor, she ran her little heart out and scored twice! I love nothing more than watching her play a game I love. Aiden enjoyed the plasic wall so he could be eye level with all the action!

We needed some items from the grocery store, so we decided to go to Whole Foods while we were close by, ugh. They are just so expensive, I can't, and then I realized after we got home that I bought chicken thighs and not breasts, 20 bucks worth. 

Madison lost 2 teeth, she's entering that super awkward phase with half baby teeth and half adult teeth that are too big for her mouth, but at least she keeps it symmetrical by losing on each side.

The Bald One has learned to feed himself, guess my job's over. That eyebrow of his just cracks me up!

Sunday I slept in until 7, it's also weigh in day and I broke into the 140's which is exciting, but the scale really doesn't do it for me much anymore. I want to see it in the mirror, I've been double killing my legs trying to see some progress, but sometimes I think it's harder for ME to see cause I'm looking everyday! 

My Select Protein (Snickerdoodle)came in and it's so delish, like maybe my favorite protein ever! I had breakfast with all the ponies who seem to permanently live on my kitchen table.

I promised Madison I would take her swimming, so I dedicated a few hours after breakfast to OMB, then we gathered up our friends and spent the afternoon by the pool. I have to put my phone away because I have a hard time not responding to emails or questions right then if I see it. We had a blast, the relaxation was much needed!

Oliver up after mowing for a quick dip and dinner, after we ate I snuck out and went home to meal prep a few things before they all got there.

I think eating a ton of carbs early in the day is beneficial to me, I lost weight for one and I also stay full so much longer. On the weekends I also have a super hard time getting in all my water, so I made sure I kept my bubba with me and drank up - maybe that helped too.

I"m gonna choke down that chicken thigh meat for lunch, hopefully it's better than I imagine.


Hair Curling Tutorial.

Look what popped on my Timehop, crazy difference huh?  I remember that day on the right, I had to put my hair in a pony because it was so dry and damaged, I vowed to stop with so much blonde and take better care of my hair. 

Totally effed up my macros yesterday, poor planning on my part, I forgot I told my Mom we would come over for spaghetti and ate too many carbs as snacks {Stupid Inner Peas from Trader Joes} then I was hungry, then there was Poppy Seed Lemon Bundt Cake, ugh. Shit happens, I just dust it off and move on, but I still log it because it happened whether you count it or not.

I still woke up feeling lean and strong, so happy #FlexFriday from my calves, one of the most boring muscles to work, but I like how they pop. 

I freaking LOVE how cute and comfortable this dress is, paired with some Target tenny's to complete my casual Friday outfit. All my OMB dresses are on sale, today only! Use code CHEERFUL20
Plus this {Minty Dot Dress} comes in S to 3XL!

Leather Earrings from JEGBoutique for $12
I did a second attempt at a hair curling video with my Magic 25mm Nume, it might be the most boring 5 minutes of your life, so I put it to music and sped it up, you're welcome.  A few tips, don't twist too tight before you wrap it and the longer you hold it on the wand the tighter the curl, so if you want more of a wave don't hold it on the wand very long, usually I count to 5 for a wave and count to 10 for a curl.

I noticed my sisters skin was glowing the last time I saw her, she told me she's been using this product and LOVES it. She's a super {like for reals} product junkie so I love her recommendations. It's the derma e - Vitamin E Creme and super afforadable, the smell is fantastic!! Oliver even commented how good I smelled after I put it on before bed, I've only been using it a week, but I think my skin looks more glowy, or maybe that's wishful thinking hahahhaha

Then I caught this one trying to climb out of his crib! No!!!!!!! I had to tattle to Daddy so he will turn the crib backwards today, can't have my little bald baby denting that perfect head on the ground.

Be sure to stop by Instagram today, I'm doing some flash {easy} giveaways of some of my favorite items just for fun!


Ollie Marie - One Month Later.

Love this sign from Etsy.

I thought I would give a little background and updating on how OMB is going, I've had so many of you email me asking for advice on opening a shop. I am learning so much as I go, but I have A TON still to figure out, a lot of trial and error. We've definitely have had some growing pains the first few weeks, but all of my customers have been so amazing and understanding, I feel extremely blessed by all of you.

You know a few weeks before I opened I read a article on how a successful boutique started with $300 bucks and by 8 months had over a million in sales, sounds pretty amazing right? Debt free at that! Now maybe I'm doing it wrong, but that seems a little misleading, applying for an LLC ALONE is $300 bucks {and I had a lawyer do it for free for me}. You still need inventory, shipping supplies, a printer, and a computer if you don't have one. My situation was maybe a little different seeing how I already had a blog and exposure, but we invested close to 15k of our own money to get going. The majority of that went to inventory and if you follow my store, I sell out of things pretty quickly.

Painted Chevron's are from Cora and Plum

We run OMB out of our dining room, which is quickly becoming over run with clothing and we are thinking about what our next step is to be able to grow. A few months ago we decided to forgo buying a new house to open the boutique, we just didn't think financially we could handle both. Now the market is great for selling, but less so for buying and moving is out of the picture for a while. Plan B is to refinance and maybe add another structure to our land {we have an acre lot}, but need to look into costs for heating and AC. As of right now I have not paid myself from OMB, everything is turned around and put back into inventory. 

I knew that working a full time job and taking this on would be a lot, Oliver is my man, he has been working as hard as I do for OMB. I've had to hire a friend to come over a few times and help pack orders when he was gone, I'm also thankful for ALL of my friends who are so supportive. My Mom, my MIL, my sister, just everyone has been wonderful. I've totally had my melt down moments, mostly when I feel like I'm failing at something in my life - mothering, being a wife, cleaning the house, work, or being a boutique owner. I go to bed and tell myself tomorrow is a new day to get it right, waking up with a better attitude does wonders for my life. Don't let the stress of yesterday bleed into tomorrow.

The number one hurdle we've faced is a good shipping system, we had a DISASTER using Stamps.com software. Another boutique recommended a cloud based one that is serving us much better, I woke up this morning to this - perfectly packaged and ready to go - Oliver stayed up until 1am filling orders last night. My hero.

I don't have any plans to quit my job, it's too soon and I'm scared everything could fall apart tomorrow, good jobs are not easy to come by - I spent 6 months after college applying for everything under the sun and only got 2 interviews and landed the job I have now thankfully. We both contribute over 10% to our 401k's - no more free money matching when I work for myself and having a steady income that we depend on is scary to give up. 

Most days I feel like I'm just guessing at all of it, what should I buy? How much should I buy? Should I get more Fall stuff? How much should I put aside to spend at market?  I've had to dig deep and pull of my inner confidence, spending time second guessing my decisions does me no good.

I'm just going to keep my eye on the prize and work my tail off to get where I want to be, right now that's all I can do. Well, and a lot of prayer for guidance.


Leg Day Workout and HIIT

Carbing it up this morning, Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes topped with banana yogurt, truwhip, blueberries, bananas, graham cracker crumbs, and honey drizzle.

I shared some of my leg day workout on IG, but here is the longer version with notes for you to save to your phone. 

Bench HIIT

I also started out my morning with some cardio on the treadmill.

10 minute running steady to warm up then sprints of 30 on and 30 off
Speed 9 for 5 minutes
Speed 10 for 5 minutes
Speed 11 for 5 minutes

Highly suggest some loud and upbeat music mixed with a little Spark. Those damn 'happy to be alive and sweating' endorphins were just jumping out of my body. Great start to my day! 
Headphones are Transit bluetooth over the ear, from JamAudio, LOVE and only $50 bucks.

Last year to this year, I really want to focus more on my back and see how much I can develop it. I started doing triceps 2x a week and saw good progress! I need to research more back workouts, I'm a little burned out on the few I do on the regular. 


Tuesday Cardio + Protein Finds

On Tuesday's we run, my running motivation has been super low which I'm chalking up to the heat. We all decided to run track this morning, it's a way for us all to run 'together' with out anyone getting left behind. Two of us showed up at 4:45 for the 2 miles warm up and the parking lot was completely empty. Strange, there are usually at least 15 other people there, sometimes more! I just assumed they were out running somewhere else, so we took of for a out and back 2 mile loop while we waited for the others to show. Then at 5 we hit the track and about 20 minutes later some of the girls rememebers they were fogging the area for mosquitoes, so here's hoping I don't die later today. We finished off our cardio at the Y.

30 Second Sprints.{adjust speed to your level}
7.5 incline 1 
7.8 incline 1
8.0 incline 1
8.5 incline 1
9.0 incline 1
8.0 incline 3
8.0 incline 3.5
7.5 incline 5
7.5 incline 5
7.5 incline 6
7.5 incline 6
7.5 incline 7
8.5 incline 1
9.0 incline 1
9.5 incline 1
10.0 incline 1
3.5 incline 14
3.5 incline 15
4.0 incline 15
cool down 1 minute

I've been using Arginine Extreme before my cardio sessions, it helps to open up your blood flow to give you increased stamina and I've really noticed a difference when I use it. I feel less fatigued after my cardio which helps me lift afterwards.

 Then some upper body: 3 sets of{6 to 10} depending on the weight used.

Chest Press
Upright Row
Side Raises
Underhand Row {heavy}
Tricep Kickbacks
Bent Over Row {heavy!}
Lat Pull Downs
Bicep Curls / hammercurls / bicep pulses 
Pushups on your toes, then drop to your knees and burn your arms out

I have to say I was pretty annoyed this morning at a lady who made a comment about me grunting while I was lifting. It was heavy and I was pretty far from where she was, it's a gym, not a library. I almost prefer lifting with men, they are a heck of a lot nicer than women in the gym, which is sad. When I see someone doing something awesome in the gym I compliment them, THAT'S the girl I want to be. If I see someone trying to figure out a machine, I offer to help. I don't make rude comments about someone I don't even know.

Anyways, lets talk about food. I'm still on my BBQ chicken kick, but my no sugar BBQ sauce did not come in yet - boo on you Amazon Prime. 

Got this marinade at Kroger, has no fats, carbs, protein, I dumped it in with the chicken for 4ish hours in the crockpot.

 It doesn't have a ton of flavor so after it cooked I weighed out 500g {100g each day for lunch} then weighed out 5 servings of this low carb one I found at Kroger. Boom. Lunch is served. 

 Last night I ended up with about 1000 calories left for dinner, yikes. I cooked up some turkey meat, taco seasoning, and kale for some homemade nachos. Kale in spicy dishes is pretty amazing, a favorite of Aidens!

I know I've been over sharing my new found love of protein pancakes, I just really really hope to inspire some of you to get in more protein! You don't have to shovel meat in your mouth all day to achieve it either, lots of FUN ways to get in that magic macro. I firmly believe that focusing on your protein daily can yield so many benefits for a most of you!

Here are a few things I've ordered and can't wait to incorporate into my diet!

I hear the flavor on this Snickerdoodle Protein is pretty damn good, here's a recipe I want to try!

11g of protein per serving, yes please! Buff Bake - Protein Nut Butter Snickerdoodle

I've never used Creatine, I honestly stayed away from it after hearing women talk about how it makes you gain weight, but after reading an article on the benefits of using it during a cut to keep your muscles from deflating I thought I'd give it a try. Pure Micronized Creatine. What is worse, a few pounds of water weight or losing all the muscle I've worked so hard for? We shall see, I'm going to take 3g/daily.


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