Protein Pancakes Simplified!


A little Dance Cardio + Triceps

I found some really cute good quality workout gear when I was at market, some came in yesterday, total gym motivation! The tanks already sold out again, I'm going to call and beg to see if I can get a few more for those of you who missed it again. My gym gave us notice that they were dropping Body Pump, so freaking upset about this! I stay at this gym for the people and Body Pump, but if they are going to cheap out on paying the license fees then I'll take my hard earned money else where, they have no plans to replace the class with anything I'd want to do. 

I found these on Pinterest, such a fun way to get in a bit of cardio either at home or at the gym! Periscopers last night requested a tricep workout so here you go! I had to make 2 separate videos because of the orientation of the camera, sorry!

Tricep kick backs to warm up, I'm using a 12 pound weight I think, but start lighter and go heavier with each set. 

Tricep push into an overhead pull - I'm using a 40 pound bar. 
Tricep skull crushers - 3 sets of increasing weight - I went 10,12,15 
Tricep Dips

I also came across this master list of popular restaurants and a listing of the very best macro friendly meals {which means high protein lower carbs/fats}. Totally pinnable for reference when you are eating out, don't blow all your fats for the day on one meal! You can find the full blog post over at The Macro Experiment!


Food I always have on Hand!

Watch out when this one is running around with his wooden weapon, you'll be standing there minding your own business and WHACK right on the thigh. 

Also, don't grab his new favorite snack away either, don't let that sweet baby face fool you! I got a box of 12 in from Thrive, he LOVES them and so does Madison, her favorite so far is the Pineapple.
I thought I'd put together a post on my top grocery items, so here you go!

Veggies: Sweet Potato, Grape Tomatoes, Zucchini.
Must have: Paderno Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Pre Running Food: Kids Z Bars.
I don't eat protein bars much anymore, but this one is perfect for a little something before I run.
Must Order: NoGii Protein D'Lites Nutritional Bar Chocolate Caramel Bliss

Yogurts x 10: I never ever buy anything with more than 15g carbs per serving. I browse for new flavors to pair on top of pancakes or mug cakes or just to layer with fun toppings. 

Fun stuff: TruWhip and Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter 
The thing about cookie butter is that if you melt and drizzle it you won't need very much to make a big flavor impact!

 Fruits: Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Cheeses: My favorite way to get in my fats! My go to's are goat cheese for veggies, Mexican shredded cheese for everything else. I also like Asiago Cheese, but only every so often.

Bread: Low Carb tortillas and Nature's Own Wheat.
Must Try: Lavash Flat Bread

Meats: 6 Chicken Breasts {3 for work lunches and 3 for dinners} Also at least 1 'oh shit I don't want to cook dinner tonight' meals. This Tinga Chicken is yummy and easy to throw on a tortilla with some veggies.

Other stuff I must have on hand:
Coconut Flour
Egg Whites - liquid
Almond Milk
Frozen chopped Broccoli 
Protein Powder in all the flavors like Select Protein (Snickerdoodle)   
Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes 
Extra Original Gum - about 5 packs for home, work, car
Spark + Arginine Extreme


Another First Day.

Friday we stopped on the way home to pick up supplies for some good ole homemade pizza, Madison insisted on carrying in the the groceries - all at once - hahahah must be something women are born with, MUST GET ALL BAGS IN ON ONE TRIP. 

Big hit with the bald one, he has a very particular palette for sure, for breakfast he prefers smoked salmon to pancakes. Only my kid would cry for 20 dollar fish, like our grocery bill is high enough, I blame his Father.

Saturday my parents came and took my children, Oliver and I used it as a day date to get some errands done in half the time, alone. We had to go to the bank, then lunched, finally the grocery store. Exciting huh?? If you have a Kroger near you I highly suggest you try the Cilantro Chicken {I heard the Mango was amazing too!} it's so delish and I used that for my lunches this week. 

Oliver took Madison to her soccer game that evening {she scored 5 goals!}, Aiden and I hung out to take some pictures for OMB. We are working on a game plan for a large office/studio space and it can't happen fast enough, my house keeps feeling smaller and smaller with all the clothing I have in the front half of it!

Finished up just as Oliver got home and we went out to dinner, good thing I had a skinny Rita because the food was terrible. When I order a side of veggies I expect a heaping pile, they literally put 3 brussel sprouts on my plate - what in the heck?!? This place isn't cheap either so it was pretty disappointing, the do have amazing breakfast though!

Sunday The Bald One woke up with a red eye - I freaked out thinking it was pink eye, I was washing my hands every 5 minutes! It seemed to get better as the day went on and no goop, guessing it's just irritated he does love to shove his fingers in the ears and eyes.

We just hung around the house doing OMB stuff and cleaning until it was time for soccer. Let me just say it's a terrible idea to start the season in August and then to make games at 3pm! I felt like death, but I was glad to play again after the rainout that was our last season.

We went to my Mom's for dinner, kabob's on the grill, so good! Our grill is broken and we need a new one, I've been missing grilling food all summer. 

After we got home I took a bath with both kids, Aiden's feet are some stinky little baby boy feet for reals! Wow. This year I told Madison she was responsible for getting her lunch together in the morning. I helped her food prep, she got to choose {within reason} what she wanted to pack and if she eats all her food Monday through Thursday she is allowed to buy her lunch {or have Daddy bring her Subway and have lunch with her} on Fridays. 

I bought her Happy Lunchboxes - Set of 4 and Insulated Lunch Bag - Candy Stripes. She packed all the boxes and I made her a special spot in the fridge to put all her items, she has to be sure to repack her lunch bag each day. I'm hoping that by letting her do it herself she'll eat what she packs, I hate when her lunch bag comes back with food still in it, I feel like she's going to starve!

All of us Mom's had to get in the gym super early, 4:30am today, so we could be home in time for the first day circus. I was pretty shocked SOME showed up that early LOL

She has a wonderful teacher this year and her class only has 13 kids in it, she's going to LOVE that, my little teacher's pet. She's going to a new school this year, the elementary is right next to the middle and high school, so drop off was a nightmare. I can't wait to hear all her stories this evening!


Jord Watches

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

When I first heard about a Wood Wrist Watch I was slightly confused, an actual watch, really made out of wood? I had a hard time imagining what it would look like, so I was pleasantly surprised when this beauty popped up in my Instagram feed from Jord Watches.

My heart loves that beautiful lilac face, color in unexpected places. The watch is surprisingly lightweight and doesn't bug my wrist when I'm typing on the computer, the number one reason for my lack of watches at work. 

 I've worn it with about 3 out of 5 outfits this week, don't judge me, it's too pretty to leave at home! I'm so happy with my Jord Watch that I've already picked out one for my husband and I'm SUPER excited about it, he loves to wear watches, but most metals cause his skin to break out in a rash so I think this is going to be the perfect gift for him! 

So far this one is the front runner, but Christmas is a long way off so I still have time to change my mind! 

Jord is giving away 3 gift cards, contest ends 8/26, good luck!
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Full Body Workout on One Machine

One of the most common things I hear from followers is

1. How tall are you?   {{5'5}}
2. How do I get started?
3. What sports bra do you wear?    {{Panache }}
4. How many times/how long should I be working out week/day?

So, to start this discussion off lets throw it back, cause it's Thursday.

Last year around this time.

How to get started. Well if you are brand new to working out I HIGHLY recommend finding a group setting to workout in - they motivate you and teach you all at the same time! I LOVE taking classes at the gym and I've mentioned before I first started working out by joining a local bootcamp. If you are lost and feel overwhelmed when you walk into a gym these will be very beneficial for you.

If you are semi comfortable in the gym, but lost when it comes to lifting weights I have the perfect way to get in a full body workout with only one machine!

The cable machine is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. It's simple to use, has SO MANY exercises that can be done on it, plus you can go as light or as heavy with just a simple adjustment! I recorded a few of my favorite moves, but honestly You Tube it - lots and lots of variations! So even if you can't squat 100 pounds or have big fancy weights at your gym, most will have some sort of cable machine like this one.

There is no 'magic' number of minutes to spend in the gym, you have to find what's right and fits in YOUR life. Personally I have always worked out a minimum of one hour, mostly because I've always had to drive 20 minutes each way to get to a gym or bootcamp, so if I'm going to drive that far I'm not doing it for 30 minutes of sweating. If you workout at home you probably have a different view, I'm just stating what works in my world. I get up early, the gym opens at 5 so I'm there when it opens and I stay until it's time to get ready for work, so usually 90 minutes of working out 6 days a week. You can TOTALLY have results doing less of course, my sweating sessions are not just about my body - they are my friend time, my girl time, my own time, my time to focus on the day ahead, it's ME time. Going to the gym is fun for me, so of course I try to squeeze in as much of it as I can!

and as promised here are a few of the newer tunes I'm playing while I sweat!


Twilight Sparkle and The Bald One.

I came home to the best surprise yesterday, Madison cleaning her room, of her own free will. There are usually about 5 outfits strewn about, she changes her clothing about once every hour when she's home and I let her, as long as she picks it up when she's done have at it baby girl! I keep meaning to buy her a new bed, I'm thinking maybe a bunk bed with a desk area underneath, but I need to measure her room before I shop, it's a tight squeeze. 

She's had a pretty fantastic summer, swimming, fishing, spray parks, summer camps, and endless sleepovers at Mimi's house.

Her absolute favorite part of summer is late night swims with Mimi and Papa followed with baking cookies. We go to bed by 9:30 at our house so you can see why she prefers to stay with the 'fun' part of the family!

Just when you think you can't love your child more they show you an entirely new side, her ginormous heart and love for her brother astounds me. I'm one of four children, so I get sibling love, but the way she rushes to him and takes care of him just makes me so proud of her! Friday he had to get some shots at the Dr's and she cried right along with him, she hated seeing him in pain. 

Pony obsession is still running rampant in our house, she's now moved on to making 'You Tube' videos of them playing. The imagination on this child is fantastic, she can use any object and spend a good 45 minutes sitting and having them act out a story. 

She's still playing soccer, the best goal maker on the team! I think this year we will not be doing dance, but instead go back to gymnastics for a while. She's pretty excited for school to start on Monday, she's going to a new school because they divided up our district this year, hopefully she still has some familiar faces in her class.

My sweet bald baby is still mostly bald on the top, with a dusting of blond baby hairs on the back. Oliver was a blond baby and turned darker the older he got, I have no doubt Aiden is his little replica! 

He literally melts my heart every time I pick him up, he's a lover and a fighter for sure. He enjoys carrying around a spatula and banging everything he sees, I've had to take away his fishing pole for whacking his sister on the head. He does not like to get into trouble and most of the time if you tell him to stop doing something he will, after he gives you his mischievous grin!

He's very much an independent little soul, he occasionally has his fussy times and wants to be held, but more often than not he is content to just be in my general area playing. He does a lot of grunting and pointing, but has started to mimic words we say a lot - Baba, Milk, Momma, Daddy, Dog, Out. He loves to sleep and goes to bed at 8:30 every night until around 7:30 the next morning, never wakes up. Ever. It's like a daily gift he gives me and I never ever take it for granted!! Legit - every morning when I walk past his room on my way to the gym I silently thank him for being such a good sleeper, when you've had a baby who hates to sleep you are forever scarred hahahaha. Shit, Madison STILL wakes me up most nights poking me in the arm until I tell her to go back to her own room.

He's still taking a bottle, being as he's my second child I'm not all 'omg he's 17 months old we must take his bottle away' he just recently started to eat enough to be considered a meal so I'm sure he'll drop the bottle soon enough. He still takes a binky at bedtime, but {hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me} I don't think breaking him of them will be a big deal, he can go all day without one no problem. If they are laying around he'll pop it in his mouth, but he's never cried for one. 

He starts preschool in September, twice a week from 9am to 2pm, his stranger danger has lessened quite a bit so I'm hopeful he won't cry very long the first few days. I've been thinking about an activity for him this fall and it's a toss up between swim lessons and indoor baby soccer, both I think he would enjoy, but it will probably just come down to whichever fits into our schedule the best.

And, just for your enjoyment! 


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