W.O.W Shoulder Supersets

Just popping by really quick to share a quick shoulder workout - the video shows the moves, but do them slower than I did, I'm used to rushing for IG vids // 15 seconds ain't nothin'!

Shoulder Supersets //

1 bar with a weight you can bust out 8 reps fairly easy.
8 pull-up
8 shoulder press
**do not rest between sets do 8 pull ups and 8 presses back to back.
***Repeat that 4 times!

1 set of dumbbells {pretty heavy} for 4 reps
4 around the worlds
4 shoulder press
**same as above do not rest between and do 4 sets



Running off the Pooch.

Cold Weather Running Wish List

It's so dang hard to get yourself out of bed and into your workout gear when it's 25 degrees outside! My flannel jammie pants were so cozy and I was sleeping so good, but it has to be done. 26 days. 
I put together a wish list of some items I could possibly want, you know, in case someone wants to buy me a Christmas gift coughOlivercough.

I was highly impressed with myself for running my last mile at a 8:44 pace, I think I could even do better if I pushed myself a bit. Honestly I can barely run a 10 on the treadmill, gah, I just HATE that thing so much. Hate it! I have a friend, Jodi, she live in ND and is training for her first marathon. She had to run 16 miles ON THE TREADMILL. Bless her heart, rockstar status for life right there.

I'm so serious, I literally want to gauge my eyes out after 1.2 miles on that thing, I find running outdoors so much more rewarding. Hence the reason I will still get my ass out there when it's freezing cold.

These two pictures were taken 27 days apart and only about a 3 pound difference! My pooch is getting better, I have a pretty bad one due to not only having two kids, but losing over 100 pounds. I have no plans to get a tummy tuck, I'm ok with just getting it to shrink as much as I can with diet and exercise - and before you all email me asking for the gym moves to get rid of it hear me now - you can't spot reduce! It's all just diet and exercise, losing fat all over is what you have to do. I actually have been slacking on my ab workouts lately, oops.

I'm on a lower fat higher carb macro plan - via Paige - and I'm usually left with carbs and proteins at the end of the day. Found this Fiber One 90 Calorie Instant Pudding the other day, so so satisfying! Made with skim milk, cool whip, and a few mini Reeses Oreos 47c/3f/12p




 Pretty much the worse thing ever happened, I left my entire bag of food at home on the counter. I've had to resort to eating whatever I had left in my office - in whatever I could find to eat it in. I also left my Spark in the fridge, I was thinking about how cold it was outside and how much I didn't want to get in my car. Obviously I did, cause I ain't no wimp, and even went and had a fantastic workout! 

 Friday I started to feel a little sick, the sniffles have been running rampant in my house and so far I had avoided them, but my luck ran out. My run was in the 30's and because we run at a slower pace for the long distance I was pretty cold the entire 3 and a half hours. I came home and Oliver had cleaned the entire house, done laundry, and even washed the sheets -- life doesn't get much better than that!

After I took a super hot Epsom salt bath I rounded up the kids and headed to the mall because I needed some new long tanks from H&M. Madison was pretty upset that Santa was there 'but it's only NOVEMBER Mommy' -- see even she knows it's not right to have Christmas pushed so hard before we eat our Turkeys.

My Mom wants to buy me a new coat for Christmas and I finally found one I love love love {and was in my price range - she laughed when I sent her this one}. I'm glad I looked in store, just seeing it online I probably would not have picked it, but it's super flattering on. 

 We happened to go to the mall with our favorite play area, Aiden's first time, and he loved it! He's not a big fan of screaming and loud sounds, unlike his sister, and I was worried it would be too much but he was so good just climbing and even getting knocked over by another baby his age. Makes me sad he's growing so quickly. 

Madison has been begging all week to get a mani/pedi and I was WAY overdue for sure, so we dropped off the baby to Daddy and picked up Mimi for a little girl time. Yes she is wearing overall's with a tutu, I give up with this one.

Sunday I spent the day feeling pretty crappy, watching movies, and playing with the kids. I managed to go the grocery store - freaking 282 dollars later. Ughhhhhhhhhh. I don't care what we don't have I'm not buying a thing for the next 2 weeks at least. Madison's out of school next week so I don't have to worry about packing a lunch. 

This one must be hitting some major grow spurt because he's sucking down 12-14 oz AT NIGHT. I'm like, come on little dude, let's just sleep and eat when we wake up - OK? But seriously, how can I say no to that face? #suckerforabaldhead



Don't Ask Me.

If you walked into my house you would probably hear one of these phrases;
"Madison, don't pick up your brother'
'Yes, you need to wear underwear'
"Madison don't squeeze him so tight'
'Madison be gentle he's just a baby'
'Yes, you can hug him - gentlyyyyy'

This girl loves him so much she can't contain it and is all over the poor boy, it's a wonder he's crawling at all. I have two younger brothers myself and apparently I would talk for them all the time, just my bossy nature I guess.


This little chunk is sure she hung the moon, he finds nothing funnier than her blowing her nose, or listening to her off key singing in the car - which she records on her iPad for playback at anytime. 

Madison still refuses to wear pants so I've ordered a million pairs of warm tights for the winter and then realized that she didn't own one long sleeved collared shirt. So far wearing a uniform has not been cheaper or easier, she still argues about WHICH dress she is going to wear, and I just spent another 75 bucks ordering long sleeved shirts and sweaters. 

I have to admit it's a bit stressful having a Kindergartener because all I see on Facebook is how kids her age are reading, doing math, and winning the Nobel Peace prize {slight exaggeration}. She gets good reports daily and I know she's keeping up with her class, but I wonder - is it enough? I feel like all my friends are teachers and have some knowledge on how to teach their kids, I'm over here like - what's a sight word?? 

Dress from Lolly Wolly Doodle
It can really make me feel like a crap parent some days. As much as I tell myself not to compare myself to others I have to remember that goes for parenting too. Sometimes I can't even go to the Mom online groups I'm part of because they make me feel insecure, some of these Mom's can tell you about anything concerning children, how in the heck do they know so much? Did I not get the manual? I'm more of a wing it and see how it goes kinda Mom. 

I read an interesting article about the 'Perfect Husband' and it really got me thinking about my own situation. Oliver is totally the 'where is she' Dad, his first and foremost thought when he gets off work is Madison. In fact we are in a temporary situation where he is getting off work at 2:30 every day so he can pick her up from school and then he has both her and Aiden until I get home from work at 6:30. He's used to being able to play and do whatever he wants with her, but with Aiden being a crawler now and more needy, he can't do as much. We actually had to have a discussion about not putting Madison's needs before everyone else. My friends are always envious of the close relationship they have, but adding another child has been harder on him than anyone else. I won't say he puts me last on his list, but I guess in all honesty he might. It really doesn't bother me though, I feel loved and I feel secure in our marriage. He supports me in everything I do and still tries to grab my butt when I bend over ;) I just thought it was an interesting point of view, maybe a lot of Dad's actually feel this way about their wives?



Running Go Bag.

Whew - Fall has hit and it's chilly! We had some nice weather for our long weekend run, 16.3 miles, with this good looking bunch. We've also decided to make a 'snack' schedule for beer after the rest of our long runs, a little something to get us through those 22 miles. I'm not a fan of beer most of the time, but God bless nothing tastes sweeter after running for hours.

My Arrosti guy told me I HAVE to ice bath, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Y'all this kills me, it's so freaking hard to sit in ice cold water for 8 minutes. One of my super runner peeps told me to get some neoprene socks, a hat, and a trashy magazine, so that's my plan for the next one. Madison was really looking forward to putting the ice in the tub once I was in, one by one, finally after about a minute I told her go get Daddy cause I need it to happen faster. hahha. I will say it did help my knees feel less stiff for sure. 

 One thing that I really struggled with was rewarding myself too much after a long run, you just can't stuff your face with junk for the rest of the day no matter how much you feel like you deserve it. I mean you can, obviously, but not if you are trying to lose weight. I allow myself to eat whatever I want for lunch and then get my macros in around it for the rest of the day.

 With the weather being unpredictable and with the amount of miles I'm logging I've started keeping a Go Bag for running in the back of my car at all times. It's come in super handy and makes getting up at the crack of dawn easier because I don't have to run around looking for my supplies.

1. ASICS Thermopolis Lite Arm Warmer - these were recommended to me and are so great for days where it's chilly, but easily taken off and carried if you get hot. Love! Plus they have thumb holes ;)

2. Under Armour Visor - I hate wearing glasses I prefer hats also a must have in the rain!

3. Extra shirts - tank and a warm weather running top

4. Face wipes - feels amazing to wash off that dried sweat when you are done.

5. Bondi Bands - sweat bands that are big enough to cover your ears if need be, I really like the weight of these.

6. Camelbak Pack - a fuel/water belt is a must for long runs, water is sometimes not available, but is so crucial! This one was the biggest size water bottle I could find and the pack holds a ton of food/keys.

7. Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm - always around your bra to prevent chaffing.

8. Nathan 5K Runner's Waist Pack - this sucker is huge and I only use it for my phone if it's raining or I'm just doing a short run and don't need that water bottle.

9. Advocare Catalyst and O2 Gold - I take 3 of the catalyst and 2 of the gold before every run, if you take any supplements as a runner it should be BCAA's

10. Nuun All Day Hydration - little tablets you can drop in your water, great for those hot running days, the flavors are very light and enjoyable. The little bit of fizz makes me happy.

11. Sunscreen - duh - always. I prefer a sport in a SPF 50 - also lip balm!!

12. Advocare Rehydrate Fuel - these are my preferred running fuels, the GU did a number on my stomach and these are lightly flavored which I prefer. Also - I carry some Skittles for those last miles when I'm dying - the sugar rush really really helps in a bind!

13. Extra water.

14. iPhone 6 Armband - I have to say this is my favorite band I've tried - easy in and easy out!

15. Gloves - preferably ones that are compatiable with a touch screen.

16. Knuckle Lights - always take a light when running in the dark, I'd be pissed if I stepped in a hole and hurt myself!

17. A towel to sit on afterwards and a bag for your sweaty nasty top {I usually change my shirt before driving home}

I keep all this in a cute  31 Utility tote in the back of my car, I LOVE their bags for everything! If I need to take it out to make room it's easy to just grab and put in the garage.



Pancakes and Clean Babies.

 We had another crazy busy weekend, just never enough hours in the days to get it all done. I don't give enough credit on here to my husband who seriously helps me out a ton, I get asked all the time how I do it all and I couldn't do half of it without his help. With marathon training and a baby we have to really logistically work out what we need to do all weekend ahead of time, hence the reason I get up at the crack of dawn to run. Oliver works every other Saturday too and he likes to try to get in a game of golf so we both have to work well as a team to make our family run ;)  Add in a 5 year old with soccer games and the random party here and there and those 48 hours in between working just fly by. Lately I've not been able to fit in my of my own friend time, so to all my friends out there - I'M SORRY! I miss y'all and I promise to make a couples night out when I'm done with this race!

I promised Madison that we could get a donut after my run, pretty bummed that Dunkin stopped making the Oreo ones because they were the best! I had a regular glazed and it was totally not worth the carbs. 

My car was overdue for an oil change and my inspection sticker so I had to spend an hour and half at the dealership getting that done. Aiden was obsessed with this toy, Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube , putting it on his Christmas list for sure.

We have this set of books that are kinda like Encylopedia's, but for kids, and Madison loves them. She will flip though and ask questions like, 'Is Lava real or fake?' or  'What is Fungi?'  We always are telling her things, like dragons, are not real and when she see's pictures of stuff like lava she's just not sure if it's real or not. Poor kid, we are messing up her learning!

Jacket via PinkSlate Boutique
I made the mistake of telling Madison she could get her own tree in her room this year, then we turned the corner and OF COURSE they had a ton of Frozen Christmas stuff. Thank you Hobby Lobby.

Sunday I woke up starving, the bald baby was done sleeping at 6am, so we made ourselves so delicious pancakes. I used Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix and mixed together Greek cream cheese with Walden Farms Calorie Free Dip Caramel then spread it between each pancake topped with mini chip - ohhhhh so good!


1 cup Flap Jacked
52 grams Greek cream cheese
2 Tablespoons WF Caramel
15 grams Enjoy Life mini chips

 I cleaned the house and the baby, he loves the Inflatable Baby Bathtub I got off Amazon. Both of my kids are lover's of bath time thankfully, it comes in handy when the bathroom needs a good scrubbing. From the day he was born Aiden has loved to be bathed or even in the shower he would smile when the water ran over his head.

 I had just enough time, after Oliver took the kids to his parents house, to bust out my lifting program before my soccer game. I just got this jacket in from Fabletics and I freaking LOVE IT. It's lightweight, kinda like a windbreaker, but has some zippered pockets big enough for my phone and thumb holes which are always a winner in my book!


Personalized From Me to You GIVEAWAY!

 We have a pretty sweet giveaway for y'all today, Personalized From Me to You has been one of my favorite shops for a few years now, almost daily I see something they post that I'm pretty sure I can't live without.

My last 3 phone cases have been from them and not only are they functional {I literally drop my phone at least once a day} but they are amazingly cute, plus the customer service can't be beat. When I per-ordered my iPhone 6 the very next email I sent was to them to see when they would be getting in the cases. I LOVEEEEE the navy blue and yellow combo I went with this time, but it took me a while to decide because the options are almost endless. Stripes, polka dots, chevron, damask, blue, yellow, pink, white, AHHHHH - never ending!

They would also make the PERFECT gift for someone, I know I'd love to get one! My readers can use the code SKINNYMEG to receive 15% off their purchase, so if you wanted to get an otter-box it would go from $69 to around $59  // that code will work until the end of the year.

The giveaway will run from today until next Friday - good luck!


Babies are Expensive.

Little baby Aiden is 8 months old! He's 23.5 pounds, but I'm not sure his current height. I only know his weight because he has a terrible sinus infection and we had to take him to the pediatrician a few days ago.  Poor guy, it's hard for me to even tell when he is sick because he doesn't fuss all that much, but it started to some out of his eye, yuck. Giving him antibiotics is a nightmare, I forgot how much I despise forcing medicine down a babies throat. We are still using and loving the teething necklace, it makes a world of difference in his drooling and I have only had to give him Tylenol once for his teeth, he has the two bottom ones in right now.

This kid loves to eat, I honestly don't know where he puts it some days. He's been getting the standard array of baby foods and eats 2-3 servings a day. I bought some of those practice chew food for crawlers which was a mistake, if he sees the can he cries for more. So I tried giving him some frozen waffles, he hated 'em.

He is slowly crawling and trying really hard to pull up on furniture, which is distressing because we have tile flooring and I worry about his little noggin. He's not as vocal as Madison was at his age, but she can really get him going, if she screams he will follow suite. It's adorably annoying if you know what I mean. She doesn't need one single toy for Christmas, she's got a live doll all to herself.

 One of the things I haven't talked about much is the price of formula, with Madison I only supplemented until around 10 months so the cost of formula didn't really factor in too much. Now that Aiden has been on formula full time it's been quite expensive, averaging around 60 bucks a week.

We have stuck with Similac from the very beginning and have been really pleased with it, but the best part - all the coupons. I want to say I get a few every month, usually for 5 bucks off, but any amount is helpful! If you are pregnant or planning to be soon I highly suggest signing up for the Similac Strong Mom's Program {totally free} you get a lot of great deals and some cool free stuff, babies are expensive enough!

He sure looks like some fake plastic baby in this picture! Another added expense has been diapers, seeing how I was planning to cloth until I was outnumbered. Sigh, swear I'll get over it one day. Anyways - we love Pampers and you can sign up for Pampers Rewards here and save yourself a few bucks.  I tried to save money by having them auto-shipped from Amazon, but they never have the size in the brand I want, same for the formula. The only time Amazon Prime has ever failed me! I still get my money's worth so it's all good :)

So y'all share with me how you save money on baby stuff!?



Don't Skip the Hard Stuff.

Have I told y'all how much I love Fall clothing? 
High Buns after a run.

Proof I do wash my hair sometimes.

I blacked out for a moment and when I woke up I had bought a neutral purse, who am I? Cause the last I remember I was holding a pink bow front Kate Spade bag. So unlike me, but I don't hate it, in fact I pretty much love it a ton, the leather is so supple!

I'm about to show you guys something a little shocking, prepare yourself.

My Timehop never fails to show me how far I've come, not just physically, but mentally. I did not wake up one day and love running, or dieting, or sweating at all. It sucked and it was really really hard. 

It was something I had to force myself to do, it was gradual. I didn't start out getting up at 4:30 every morning and lifting weights at a gym. 

This girl hated running and I knew I didn't have it in me, even in High School when I tried to run a mile in gym class and almost passed out. I just wasn't a runner.

I didn't know a damn thing about nutrition, how to eat healthy, how to cook, or even how to go about dieting. It was very overwhelming and it kept me from even trying for years.

These are all things I've said before on here, but seeing those statements I made 5 years later really just hit home - I've grown and I've learned and I've stuck with it. Give yourself the time to learn and evolve, start small. Yeah sure I went and ran an ungodly amount of miles, but not that long ago I was barely getting in one, and damn if that one mile didn't make me feel awesome when I was done. Celebrate the milestones, don't get ahead of yourself because if you try to skip over the hard work and time it takes you won't be successful.

Do the work.



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