Life with Two - Dos.

It's a little weird to me how different having a baby is this time compared to last. I think it's a combination of having more experience and being more confident in my parenting abilities, I mean, Madison is pretty freaking awesome. 

I really was blessed, Aiden is such a good baby, generally happy when fed and rested. Even when he does get upset, he is soothed easily, Madison can always make him smile. I can vividly remember HATING to drive anywhere because M would scream and scream in the car, now I just love peeking in the rear view mirror and seeing him contentedly watching his sister singing, off tune, while we drive. I swear the louder she sings the more he smiles.

***haha, an oldie, but I always get a good laugh!

There are a few things that are markedly different, mostly from him being my last baby and maybe because he is a boy. I feel 'softer' towards him, with Madison I am very 'suck it up and be a big girl', but Oliver is the opposite with them. I can't say I'd mind him being a Momma's boy - Oliver is and I still married him :)

Oliver and I have had quite the transition this time though, I didn't realize how much he got out of doing last time, mostly because I stayed home. I mean he helped, but he never got up at night and he really only had 'Daddy' duty when I left for an hour to go to boot-camp. Admittedly we had a few blow outs during my last trimester because we were both nervous about how to add in a newborn into our already busy lives. Madison was just getting easy and more self sufficient and we faced having to go through it all again. God saw into my heart and knew that I needed an easy baby this go round and I am forever thankful. He probably saved my marriage. I finally had to just let go of the fact that I had to be the one getting up at night, every night. Men don't function as well on less sleep, so I take one for the team. I just Spark it up at 4:30 in the morning - oh and I mean Spark as in drink, not spark as in 'sparkin' one up' hahahahahha.

We still struggle a bit, it's hard when we both work full time, some-days there are just not enough hours in the day. Adien likes to be held a lot in the evenings and I feel guilty for letting him cry for even a few minutes, so finally I just decided no more fancy dinners until he's over this phase. Fish and veggies errrrrr night.  Usually I feed, bathe, and play with him while Oliver finishes working, if I'm lucky it's by 7:30 some day's is closer to 8:15, Madison is around playing with her toys and making a mess somewhere in the house. She's probably changed her outfit three times too. 

He's just SO over the Rock N Play.

This is more his new speed. Don't worry 'ladies' he wasn't left alone on the counter - that shit's dangerous ;)

Last Friday both kids spent the night with my in law's and weirdly Oliver and I didn't have one fight, well I wouldn't even say we really fight, it's more like nagging or bickering. I think sometimes it's hard for us to see it when we are so busy with life. No matter how easy a baby he is, life with two kids, two jobs, and a marriage is hectic. There are days when our only phone conversation has been about our 401k plans or if Madison was signed up for school. I know things will get easier the older they get, but I kinda want to keep him little and fat forever! Until then I'm gonna try my hardest to pick my battles very very carefully and probably throw in a marriage seminar just for fun.

My boys.



Getting Fit for Fall.

This is about one month of progress, I'm feeling really good right now. Like *almost* back to the old me. My endurance is still not there, but it's getting better every week. I'm still 19 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight, for an extra push I'm running another Diet Bet. I am DETERMINED to get myself into some smaller Fall clothes and I want my boots to go over my damn calves this year. It's all about the cute clothes for me! 

If you are new and don't know about Diet Bet here's the scoop.
It runs from Aug 25th - Sep 23rd
You've got 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. To begin, everyone puts money into the pot. After four weeks, whoever hit their 4% goal is a winner and splits the pot.

I'm going to have to lose about 7 pounds, which is a little scary, but gah, think of my 'after' pic! I'm ready and willing to put in the work. 

If you want to join me - you can click here to sign up


I am using the cable machine more and more at the gym, there are so MANY different ways to use this for any part of the body! I put together a upper body set that I do a lot - workin' the guns!


One of the most asked questions I receive is - how much cardio do you do versus how much weights?

Right now the answer is tricky because I've set a goal for myself to run a marathon at the end of the year.  I am not running to lose weight, in fact marathon training could possibly hinder my weight loss because sooner or later I'm going to need to cut out a day of weight lifting at the gym. I've also would really like to finish is at least 5 hours, so I'm taking my training seriously and that includes my nutrition. 

I won't lie, my speed right now is slow and it's really really hot and humid out which I'm hoping is the culprit. I was dying after this run and it kills my confidence, like I'll never be able to get myself to 26, but my prayer is that once the weather cools off a bit things will get easier. Someone tell me it will - I open to being lied too ;) I've been using the Endomondo App and I really like it!

What I'm trying to figure out now is nutrition, how often I should be eating on longer runs. How many extra carbs should I take in, not just the day before but even the week before. I want  to maximize my results!  **Stay tuned for updates on this!

I also bought some new headphones to try  - Jabra SPORT Wireless Headphones

 First off, they are super comfy and come will a bunch of different ear pieces to get a perfect fit. The sound is good and it was easy to set up. You do have to charge them and the battery life is only 4 hours, but I don't foresee myself listening to music for that amount of time. The arm band that comes with it for your phone is really comfortable, but you have to take your phone in and out to see it - no clear cover. I prefer to keep mine in my water bottle - Clean Bottle .



A day in the life - IIFYM.

I recorded my entire day of eating yesterday just to show y'all how freaking EASY IIFYM really can be! I know some of you are still confused by it, but I really can't break it down any further than this...

**Note I did not workout yesterday - when I do I add in a Think Thin bar before my workout and a protein shake right after. Also on rest days I eat 20g less carbs.

1. Sugar Free Vanilla iced coffee - one day I weighed my coffee BEFORE I added creamer so I'd have an idea of how much I was putting in -  it's about 2 tablespoons. I don't count the sugar free syrup or the coffee - it's minimal and not worth the hassle.

2. Protein Cereal from my I'm Pretty Fit box last month with skim milk. You don't really have to weigh since it's a single serving pack, sometime I use Special K Protein Cereal and I do weigh that. 

3. Mini Cliff Bar - again I do not weigh this. 


1. Chicken Salad - I made a short video that you can watch to see how fast and easy it was for me to weigh my lunch. I normally don't weigh the lettuce and the blue Tupperware was premeasured 5oz of chicken that I made on Sunday in the crock-pot. This example could work for salad, sandwich, or whatever! 

2. I forgot I had a half a bag of chips in my desk so I added those in too for some carbs - I weighed those!

3. Quest Bar - my mid afternoon snack. Sometimes I'll do cottage cheese or greek yogurt with an apple. I weigh the apples and cottage cheese always, but usually not the yogurt because it's a single serving package. 

***Note: I was not super hungry yesterday because I didn't workout - most days I eat a shit ton of carbs at breakfast and lunch, but yesterday I messed up my schedule a bit by oversleeping so I just ate my carbs later in the day.

 What, you don't measure yourself while you cook dinner?? I swear I'm more obsessed with this number now and don't give a crap about the scale. 

 I ALWAYS input what I'm going to eat for dinner earlier in the day to be sure I'm on track and then when I get home I check my macros and adjust - for example I was short on fats so I added bacon {low sodium} to my meal and I was WAY short on carbs so I put my turkey burger on a wheat bun. Normally I leave out the bun because I eat my carbs early in the day around my workouts.

1. Asparagus with bacon - 425 for 25 minutes. I do not weigh this - I always eat 20 stalks of asparagus, but I should have weighed the bacon just because the pieces are so inconsistent. 

2. Turkey Burger with Baybel Cheese - I had two burgers to get in my protein with the cheese in between on one wheat bun. I do not weigh any of this, the burgers were premade patties so I just scanned the barcode into MFP.

3. Krave Cereal - I was way way under my carbs so I was going to eat an apple or two, but the ones we had were bad, so I just had 2.5 servings of cereal with skim milk.

4. Alr Humapro Tablets - Protein pills that are 5g per pill so I took 2 before bed to get me where I needed to be. You could also have a protein shake with like 1/2 a scoop, but these are just easy!

After that I just nibbled on sweet baby Aiden - calorie free! 

End of the day totals ///


Fats, Protein, and Carbs are spot on! {Remember 20g less carbs for rest day!} the rest of the numbers I don't really pay much attention to, I know I get my vitamins and fiber in my Advocare Supplements - I am still taking  all of these.  I do try to keep my sugars under 65g most days though.

Now, see I don't spend half my life weighing every single thing! Unless you are training for a competition you don't need to stress about every little gram, but try to be as accurate as possible on most things.

If you have questions leave a comment and I'll reply in the comment section - so be sure to check back here :)



Ombre Hair Lovin'

I finally decided my hair was long enough to do a little ombre and I have to say I'm LOVING it! My girl Ashley did me up perfectly!! I've wanted to try this for a while, but you really don't get the same effect if your hair is straight and I've just really got to the point that I curl my hair pretty much daily and if I don't it's in a braid or pony.

My baby is getting so dang big, way too quickly for my taste too. He's finally big enough to sit up in the stroller, he finally rolled over, and he's even sitting up on his own for about a minute. While I do love the BOB stroller we bought, why no one ever mentioned that the car seat weighs 2 metric tons is beyond me! I guess if you've only used it you would know, but I used a Graco with Madison and the BOB is seriously 4x as heavy and I can barely carry him in it anymore and, duh, I workout.

We are obsessed with cute Droolzies - so many fun prints and it's hard to find 'cute' accessories for boys!

I had to recruit some help with the large frames I wanted to hang in the kitchen, Aiden provided the entertainment and Madison helped paint. I'm hoping to finally finally finish everything in the kitchen this week and take some real pics for y'all. Patience is wearing thin on this project, I just want it done. Now. 

I did manage to get one up, just perfection. I got the frame in Canton and I got the print on Etsy.

Also, Hobby Lobby has my number right now. For reals. I really really really want one of the sparkle deer heads, I just don't have a spot for it off hand....



Huge Giveaway with Pink Slate Boutique!

Let's just make this weekend a little extra fabulous with a freaking AMAZING giveaway!

My favorite hard working girls over at Pink Slate Boutique have teamed up with some other fabulous boutiques to bring you guys one hefty giveaway! <<< I need emoji's in blogger!

I put together a 'what I would spend my gift card on at Pink Slate' // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

They have absolutely the cutest stuff, I especially love their jewelry! I'm really into layer my bracelets and they have some super cute options I'm gonna have to get.

The prizes are worth over $400 bucks - someone is going to get veryyyyy lucky!
Good luck - giveaway open until next Friday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Botox Lovin'

If you follow me on Instagram {@skinnymeg31} then you probably already know that I had a bit of, uh, work done.

Yep, I got me a little botox. I've had pretty deep lines on my forehead for years, probably since my early 20's and they have always bothered me. Well I thought since I'm done having babies I might as well give it a go and I have to say I really really really love it. 

Cost: Groupon always has several deals for botox so that was my first stop, I found a reputable place close to work and for $149 I had enough to do one area {my forehead}.

How it went down: I was a little apprehensive honestly, I imagined huge needle being shot in my face. Actually it was surprisingly fast, less than 2 minutes, and it was more like acupuncture than needles. Pop, pop,pop, ok you are good to go, no working out for a few hours.I did it on my lunch break, not even much redness afterwards when I went back to work.

Maintenance: I was told that it depends on your metabolism, some peoples last longer than others, but for my first time I could expect around 3/4 months before I need it done again. I will be doing it again, I think it looks very natural and you really wouldn't notice unless I told you. In fact Oliver JUST called me and asked me if I did it after he was stalking my IG page and he see's my face everyday and never noticed!

Right now I have absolutely no plans to do anywhere else on my face, actually the lady who did it for me kinda scared me into not doing too much, I honestly could not tell you how old she was and not in a good way.  I think it can be like back in the day when I tanned, you tan and tan everyday and still don't feel like you are dark enough, but you are you just can't see it. Yuck. So if I start lookin' all crazy my friends better have a botox intervention!



Rainbows Shot Out. W.O.W.

Happpppppy Hump Day - I'm super annoyingly happy today thanks to this....

How my day has gone so far:
4:23am - my alarm goes off and I wake up wondering why the hell my phone is going off in the middle of the night, surely it's not time to wake up yet. Wrong. 
4:25am - I stumble to the kitchen and hear weird voices coming from Madison's room so I race over there just to find that she has slept with the light on and her CD player on {a book on CD}, I see that she is tightly clutching her tooth puppy and it reminds me to find a couple bucks to leave her for yet another tooth. 
4:33am - I remember that my I'm Pretty Fit box came in so I think today would be a good day to try out some preworkout before getting an ass kicking.
4:38am - I'm out the door and headed to the gym. The preworkout doesn't taste great luke warm, I think next time I'll add some ice.
4:45am - I'm starting to feel awesome and I turn on my iTunes in the car and start jamming out. To this....

5:00am - I'm all alone in the dark at the gym, the lights don't come on until 5:05. I hear weird things. 
5:10am - I am PUMPED for a good workout so I jump off the dumb stairmaster and hit the cable machine. Heavy.
6:30am - Class is over and it was hard, but I STILL have energy! Too bad I have to get ready for work. 

So overall I would say that I loved the pre-workout, but I would only take it on certain days. I wouldn't take it before pi-yo or my runs -I'd probably start running around in circles. Seriously.
I mean I'm already annoyingly happy so this may put me over the top #sorrynotsorry 

I am really really loving my boxes from I'm Pretty Fit, all these cool new things for me to try!

You can read here for details on what was included in this months Bikini Pack, but so far I love the UpLift {preworkout} and the Nuun. I've been meaning to try the Nuun for my runs, they are a hydration tablet you add to water, I enjoyed the lightly flavored taste and the hint of carbonation.  I plan to take some for my next long run! I'm going to try the Athletic Greens Packets tomorrow - packed with a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, greens, and other superfoods, but it also contains pre and probiotics to help your digestion and boost your immunity. 

If you want a discount use code Meg10.

Today's W.O.W is a non treadmill cardio blast you can do in between your lifting. Some-day's the thought of getting on that treadmill is too much, so here's a good alternative!

20 pushups \\ start on your toes and do as many as you can!
20 second side plank
20 mountain climbers
20 Leg Lifts {10 each side}
20 second other side plank

I did this 3 times in between my lifting sets to get my heart rate up.



Pigs just Flew By. {Losing It Tuesday}

I will say I was not very happy that I couldn't track my food while I was gone last weekend, yes yes - everyone needs a day or two off. I get that, but I don't WANT a day off, my diet is working for me and I don't feel like I need to 'let go' and eat whatever I want. 

Last time I was losing weight I would have never said that because I felt deprived and ate around 1400 calories. That meant I was hungry most of the day and the weekends were prime time for me to 'fall' off the wagon.

Well, guess freaking what....

Dress from Sugar Love necklace from Sprinkling Girls.
I lost 2 pounds last week. Now I didn't go all nuts, but I did eat what I wanted, but tried to stop when I was full. It's very very hard to know even ball park figures on my protein, carbs, and fats without My Fitness Pall so I just tried to round out my meals like I usually do. Carbs early and fats late with protein at every meal. Guess it worked! Honestly I wasn't going to weigh myself this week, but the tape measure was laying around so I measured my hips {my problem area} and I was down an inch so I thought, wonder if that shows on the scale too??

My goal is not to track my food forever, but until I get back to my pre-pregancy weight, another 20 pounds. My ultimate goal is to eat as much as I can and still be happy with my body - which is why you shouldn't drop your calories too low - restricted eating is hard to maintain forever. 

Marathon Training -
I've been having some pain on the balls of my feet so I decided to try a new running shoe, Newton Gravity III.  I was told to slowly break them in because they promote a midfoot strike while offering some cushion, but the change can make your calves sore so it's best to work up to a longer run with them. They were quite pricey so I hope they are a keeper! The Plano Balloon Half is just over a month away, need to kick up my mileage a bit it's just so humid I have a hard time finding my runners high.

Next week I'm planning on tracking a 'day in the life' on IIFYM so you can see that it's not all that hard and to see what type of things I'm eating. I know a lot of you like to stalk food :)



Is Santa a Stranger?

I survived the wilderness that is Beavers Bend, OK - we stayed in a cabin that was literally 30 miles from civilization.  No phone, no internet. While I can live without my social media, I found it quite annoying to live without Google {to find stuff to do} and with out a way to call people. I couldn't run because I was afraid to without a way to call for help if a wild something or other would try to get me.

We found other things to do, like drink and hot tub.
My Mom wasn't thinking properly and told Madison a story of a little girl who drowned in a hot tub so now she refuses to get in one, so we kept her busy doing other things.

 I highly recommend checking out Girls Gone Wine if you are in the area - cute cute store and free wine tastings! 

 We all took a canoe trip on Friday, I'll be honest, I let Oliver paddle me down the entire way. Oh and he's totally flexing in the picture - I see you! 

Saturday we rented a boat and tubed the afternoon away, the water was the perfect temp and even Madison got on a few times - she's such a brave girl! I will say the highlight of my weekend was trying to throw Oliver off the tube :)

It was nice to just do a quick getaway - all I packed was in this Thirty - One bag, didn't wear a stitch of make up and no heat touched my hair for days - loved it!  We decided to leave Aiden at home just because we would be out and about all day and that's too much for him right now, while I missed the crap outta him it was nice to sleep for 2 nights straight though, I even slept in until 7 every day! 

Madison was begging to see him by the last night, she's such a lover. Obviously she missed her iPad too.

This girl right here has never met a stranger, which is concerning to Oliver and I, so we've been having talks with her about talking to people she doesn't know. Went something like this:

Me: Do you know what a stranger is?
Madison: No
Me: It's someone that you don't know and if Mommy and Daddy aren't around you are not to talk to them.
Madison: {mumbles something as she walks away. }
Me: Is Claire a stranger?
Madison: No, she's my cousin.
Me: Is our waitress a stranger?
Madison: No
Me: Yes she is, do you know her? No? Then she is a stranger. 
Madison: I colored a picture for our waitress and then gave her a hug. 
Me: Well that's ok as long as Mommy or Daddy are with you. 

Little while later 

Madison: Is Santa a stranger?
Me: God Bless America, did I just get outsmarted by a 5 year old?

{The guy at the next table turns and asks me some questions about our pizza}

Madison: Mommy are you talking to strangers?

I swear I can not win with this kid - she's trying to disprove me at every turn!



W.O.W. Booty Work

Laura sent Aiden this adorable onesie from Ruffles with Love - just too cute on the little chunk! Just check out those awesome thighs - love. 

Rolls on my thighs - not so much - so today's workout is geared towards working that bootyyyyy.

I made a short demo video, but a few things:
1. on the hip abductor you are not sitting on the seat it's a squat while you go in and out and you must go pretty heavy to feel it like you should - I'd start with at least 100 pounds.
2. Same on the bridge, if the bar hurts your stomach grab a 25+ pound plate
3. Cable Row - I have mine set on 60 pounds and because you are holding the cable you should be able to squat pretty low to really get the hammys and booty

To finish it off I did 50 weighted plie squats - nice and slow to feel the burn!

Remember - rolls are only cute on babies :)



Hair Trend Link Up

I'm passing up this week's Losing It Tuesday to talk about something a little more fun, hair. I've been growing it out for a year now, I haven't had it cut since I found out I was pregnant with Aiden. While I'm enjoying something different it's a lot of work and one thing has saved me from taking the plunge and going back short - braids.

I LOVE trying out different tutorials I find online and dirty second day hair is the best time to make that happen. You can bet if you see me in a braid that I haven't washed my hair that day :)

I blow dry it and put some dry shampoo in it, give it some curl with a curling iron and then braid. One of my favorite ways is to half french braid one side, then pull it into a fluffy pony - actually I love to do this on Madison too so we have matching hair. Just a little cooler than dressing like your Mom!

Braiding your hair is a little tricky at first, but if you just keep practicing you will get better.

Here are some of my favorite tutorials:

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