DIY Tan.

Jesus tank. 
Unfortunately that tan on the left was all real, real orange and real damaging. I've since learned to DIY my own tan at home and save my skin. I usually spray myself, but I know some of you aren't comfortable doing that and I've found you a fantastic mousse and I've tried them all. Fake Bake, St. Tropez, Tan Towel, pretty much anything you can buy at Ulta. It's called Loving Tan and I used the dark color {I'm naturally very pale}. The picture on the right is day 5 - the color is still very even and nice even after some really sweaty workouts! 

I'm super impressed with the way it's held up during some humid workouts this last week.  Use code SKINNYMEG and you'll get the applicator mitt free, that's how I applied mine. I did have Oliver do my back, also it's quick drying so work in small areas! 

TJMaxx was calling my name the other day, they have the best workout pants, cheap. Forever I found a pair of New Balance grey ones that I absolutely adore - I found them in a capri for summer! I can't find them online or I'd link them here - but the brand is New Balance and they are super soft with a wide waistband. 

Harem Jumpsuit + Denim Vest 

Aiden finished his first year of preschool, we were so excited to go and watch him at the school performance. He performed perfectly at the Christmas one and we had terrible seats and couldn't really see him - this time we were front row!

He saw me and was not having it.

I mean, that face!!! You just can't not rescue him. He doesn't scream or throw a fit, just silently looks sad. It slays me. 

Schools out today and Monday - just a little taste of what the next few months will be like around here. Everyone home, every day - should be interesting. 


Master Bedroom Update.

My master bedroom is slowly becoming my new favorite spot in the house, I leave the men and children in the living room while I relax on my {always made} bed. If you've been following a while you might remember that I bought a Foam Mattress off Amazon- well it's been 2 years and we are still LOVING LOVING LOVING it!! I was so hesitant to buy a mattress online, but it's been one of the best purchases we've made. 

The coverlet is West Elm, but was a clearance item.
The bed is another fantastic purchase from Nebraska Furniture Mart. IT'S ON SALE!
The dream catchers were a gift from my Mom - the big one is from Etsy

I've had the hardest time finding dressers {I can afford} for this room, I decided to keep this one I refinished years ago and find her a match - the hunt is on! 

The chair is refinished from a local company - Back Alley Furniture. The pillows are HomeGoods - that store always has the best pillows and I have a pillow obsession. I also took down the heavy silk drapes I had and put up linen - it just lets the light flow in and changed the entire feel of the room. Oliver's not a fan he says everyone can see in, dude we live on acre lots, no one can see in our house. I love the light!

Speaking of curtains, I had the old ones rigged up until someone told me that make curtain rods for bay shaped windows, duh! Why did I not think of this? Amazon to the rescue - Umbra Bayview Adjustable Drapery Rod System for Bay Windows, Bronze . They are bendy and adjustable - super easy to install. The light fixture is vintage from a flea market. 

The metal sign is from Magnolia Market, another birthday gift from my mother, it's very very very heavy! I tried to get Madison to hold it up while I nailed it in - after almost losing a toe I decided to find someone stronger.

Our family pictures were all so good I had a hard time picking which ones to hang, but this grouping is so perfect in here, the purple accents I'm loving so hard. I got a great deal on Groupon


Fix My Lashes.

It's days like Friday I really feel how blessed I am to work for myself, to be able to take a half day to spend with Madison at Field Day was so much fun! She was so happy that Oliver and I were there, I'm glad we had a beautiful day too with so much rain lately. 

Saturday I should've gone on a long run to prepare for my upcoming half, but I"m obsessively watching The Fosters on NetFlix and staying up past my bedtime so I opted for a bit of HIIT and upper body at the gym. 

Aiden spent the night with Mimi alone, then I picked him up to head to a crawfish boil at a friends house.

I bought him a new carseat so my parents could have mine, I kept the new one because they thought it was a good idea to let him eat chocolate ice cream in it. It must be really comfortable because he feel asleep in it 3 times this weekend and he rarely sleeps in the car. 

Had a blast at the crawfish boil, did NOT eat those gross cockroaches, but I did partake in the mango ritas. My friend Amber moved further away from me and I don't get to see her as much as I would like, but this will be my first summer in a while where I don't have to go to an office job so I'm implementing 'summer' hours and we'll be meet Friday for swimming with the kids. If Fossil can do it so can I :)

Madison ran off with her BFF the moment we got there - I saw her once again when she begged to spend the night. Aiden on the other hand likes to bethisclosetome. 

Sunday Daddy left us to go fishing all day, Madison spent the night with her biffel, so Aiden and I snuggled and stayed in our jammies until it was time to go pick her up. 

I was actually going to skip my indoor game to let my knee rest, but then I remembered it was the finals so I bucked up, drank some spark, and went to play. Games get a little aggressive when there is a championship t-shirt involved. I should've just let the dude have the ball, but I was fighting him for it against a wall and he shoved his elbow into my eye and when it was over my lashes were gone. We won so then I had to stay and hang out for an hour before we played again - looking like a 2 dollar hooker. It's so bad y'all.

I wore a hat to the gym today so everyone wouldn't wonder what the heck happened to me - when I got home Madison looked at me dead in the face and said 'Did everyone make fun of you?'

That kid. 

I texted my lady with my LASH EMERGENCY 911!!!!! hahahah thank God she's getting me in later today, not sure what she can do to fix it, but I'm gonna hope for the best. Next time I'll just let him have the stupid ball. 


Exercise + Food

Headband is Brady Bands

I'm going to take out my extensions today - summer running means my entire head is soaking wet and I can't be getting the weave wet every day - takes too long to dry. I think I'll put some back in closer to Fall.  I'm trying to not slack on my running, I have a half coming up in 2 weeks in SAN DIEGO! I'm pumped!!!! The race starts at 6:15am which is like 4:15am Texas times, good thing I'm a morning person. The headphones are BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones my favorites for running, I can keep one side in and the other out for conversations with my girls.


I'm trying to run 2x a week with either soccer/running on the weekend. I despise hot running really hard, but I hate starting over even more so I suffer through and dream of when it gets cold again. That first chilly morning when you are flying and it's like super amazing - I think about that when I'm chugging up a hill feeling like I'm running in mud. 

My running buddy text me last night - let's run fast tomorrow. I really wanted to say no, I don't feel like it, but I'm too nice and went anyways. This is pretty much how I felt the entire time, but no one gets better sticking in their comfort zone. It's ok to be pissed, to cuss, to hate it, but once you finish. Ahhhh. THAT'S the feeling you remember!!!!

I'm super excited I finally got to snatch today at Crossfit. I've been waiting to try it - I had to google it because I didn't even know what it was hahahaha.

Oliver snatched more than me, I tried to go heavier, but my dang right arm wouldn't get straight. I always wondered why they use such big plates that only weigh 10 pounds, but it's actually very smart because that way you can deadlift or whatever starting at a lower weight - at a regular gym just using a 10 pound plate would put the bar really far down.  I wish they had mirrors though, I have a hard time feeling if my arms are actually straight or not, I think one is and one isn't LOL

A reader shared this recipe with me and it was easy and yummy, my favorite combo! Riced Cauliflower, Dried Cranberries, Toast Almond Slices {I put in a hot skillet for a few minutes}, blue cheese, and chicken. Filling and low cal. 


Deep In My Heart.

Let's just start with the highlight of my weekend. My indoor soccer game on Sunday is co-ed, one of the guys on the other team looked at me and said 'I got you, I'm about to shut you down'. Uh, ok dude. Totally unprovoked at that - about 30 seconds later I scored on him. It felt so good, like deep in my heart. hahahhahahha. He didn't make eye contact for the rest of the game. 

The weather this weekend was perfection, slightly cool, but sunny. We had a fantastic playdate with our friends followed by dinner, I'm super proud of all my food choices this weekend despite being out and about every day. We had dinner at Cotton Patch, the last time I went there the chicken was so salty I refused to go back. This time I didn't order the regular chicken, but the 'healthy' one and it was delicious - I think the seasoning they use on the regular one is what made it so salty. 

Madison was asked to be a Pen Pal and she was so excited she wanted to go home and start writing a letter about her day. 

Sunday we slept in, cleaned the fridge, went to church, and then the grocery store. That New Age wine is still my top ranked so far, so so good. 

Oliver wants to start macros, I promised to help him if he could log his food for a week. So. Many. Questions. Oliver is the 'quick question' guy. What about this? How do I do this? ahhhhh. I'm willing to help, but he has to do the work for himself. I'm sure this is going to expand our already huge grocery bill, but I hope it motivates him to stick with a program. He was on board when he heard he was allowed to still drink beer. If it fits, of course.

Aiden still working on luring out the cat. Miss Kitty is not his biggest fan, but he's persistent if nothing else. He also is on REPEATTTTTTTT. Y'all, it's so bad. haahahhaha in the car: "Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma, Mommmmmaaaaaa, MOMMA, MOMMA, MOMMA!!! MOMMA!!!!!' What Aiden? 'Cow'


Ended the weekend grilling out, I even went to bed with my chicken prepped and my kitchen clean. Slept like a baby.


In Lust.

Daddy had has crazy schedule this week which threw our routine off, Aiden is NOT a fan of change. Remember that time we moved his crib to Madison's room because of the construction? He cried for days. He's going through a really clingy phase right now, crying for Mama, Daddy, or Oma - whoever happens to not be available. Up is a new favorite word as is NO. Usually Oliver takes him to preschool, but this week it was me and he cried at drop off both times. His teacher was like 'I swear he loves it and never cries after you leave' I think he knows his tears cut my heart. The warmer weather has brought the bugs out and he is obsessed, I keep finding crickets and beetles in the trunk of his tricycle. 

I had one day where I could only hit the gym in the evening, the Y has a great play area for the kids outside so they love going. I picked a good day because Madison has like 12 friends in there with her and didn't want to leave. I am so used to 5am that 5pm was not fun, it was crowded and I just felt run down from being up all day. 

I have to say that CrossFit kicked my ass this week and I loved it! 

Don't worry we are working on the OliSquat :) When I workout by myself I run and I deadlift, but deadlifting after running is another ball game! Also - wall balls. You know when you squat and throw a weighted ball at the wall and catch it - like 100 times. My butt and hamstrings were so sore! I've been crazy sore all week and also up about 2 pounds on the scale which is totally normal and OKAY. Today we did overhead squats which I've never done before and it was fun to try some new things. I might be falling in lust after all, I find myself looking forward to what the next workout will be!

OK - y'all need to get on board with this 1 carb waffle - it's so easy and versatile!!!

1 scoop protein powder {30g} I love PE Science
1 egg
1 teaspooon baking powder
2oz skim milk or water

Mix and put in an already hot waffle iron for a few minutes! I made a sandwich with Trader Joe's bacon, eggs, and cheese.

For my post workout breakfast today I had it with Vanilla Oikos' strawberries and honey. It would also be so amazing with Greek Cream Cheese whipped with honey and strawberries, but my cream cheese was expired so I used yogurt. 

Happy Fri-yay! Make healthy choices this weekend!!!


My Crossfit Experience

If you think losing weight is hard, gaining muscle is even harder, for me at least. I really want to change my body and to do that I need to gain muscle, which means I have to eat. Sounds good right?  Eat and workout. Y'all it's SO MENTALLY HARD! Some days I feel super strong and focused, others days I feel like a fluffy marshmallow. I've already seen a huge difference in my quads and glutes, but dang if I don't struggle every other day with thoughts of cutting my calories to feel leaner again. 

Then I went running this morning and it was the worst run almost ever, I had to stop and walk several times and I sure was cussing up a storm in my head. Hopefully it's just my body adjusting to higher temps and humidity. You can't have good runs without bad ones. 

If you follow me on Periscope you know I've been a bit bored in the gym and decided to try out Crossfit. They opened a new box about 2 miles from house and Oliver agreed to go and try it out with me. I will say that with my box being new the workouts are a bit more geared towards newbies and I'm sure more established boxes have a different workout and atmosphere. 

The number one thing I will say about my first time going was how NOT intimidating it was! The workout was nothing weird or scary, the lingo is still a bit odd for me, but everyone was super nice and explained it to me. There was a variety of fitness levels also, you almost expect big muscley people throwing weights around, but it wasn't like that at all. 

Second thing I noticed was that the workouts are pretty short - about 25-45 minutes, but on average about 30 each class. This is actually what would keep me from being a Crossfit super believer, not that a short workout is not effective, but I ENJOY my 5am ass kicking time. It fills my brain and heart with happy emoji's and I don't feel like 30 minutes is enough for me. 

The universe thought that was hilarious and on Saturday during the short 25 minute workout we did lots of chin up, my hand were killing me and I'm totally going to be the girl wearing the gloves. I don't prefer rips and tears on my hands. Also my arms were so ducking sore I haven't been able to use them for days. 

Oliver LOVES it, hard! I can't even explain how happy it makes me to work out with him and to see him enjoy sweating. He's been happier, more energetic, and making good food choices without my input ;) I honestly decided to join so we could do it together, soon they will be offering a kids class too for Madison which will be the icing on the cake! 

I'm still going to the gym, but adding in CF on my running days and maybe a weekend depending on our plans. They do lots of ab stuff which is good for me, I tend to skip any specific ab workout when I'm on my own. I still haven't snatched, but I did power clean LOL I'll try not to get all crossfitty on y'all. 


He or She.

Friday Papa and Oliver wanted to camp out in a tent, I'm like - you go for it! I'll sleep in my nice AC bed, alone.

I took my free night and had dinner with my sister, we never hang out, just the two of us. The local outdoor mall was having a food truck night so we decided to give it a try.

I can't recall ever having tried Indian food before and I have to say it was really good! 

Madison's big girl bed came in Friday and I finally got ahold of my baby brother to come and paint for me. He told me he would come over when he got up Saturday so I was thinking noon or 1, as he's single and lives the bachelor life LOL.

Yeah no, he texts me he's on the way at 8am so I had to do a mad dash to Home Depot to pick a color. Someone recommended I try Misty Aqua, so I bought that, and it's the perfect color! I'll post more pics later this week. 

Then I went to workout and brought home lunch for all the boys. I had a sweet tooth later that afternoon so I made a Vanilla Mug Cake topped with strawberry marshmallow fluff and strawberries. It was quite good and packed with protein!

We had a gender reveal that night in Fort Worth, I loved this dress with the pink accents. 

My friends took my phone for a selfie session, so your mugs get plaster on this here blog ;) Love ya!

I'm so excited that my friend is having boy/girl twins!! Her reveal was so cute and the food was ahhhhhhmazing, like I was dying to find the recipe for the couscous and the chicken! Oh and the bread pudding!!! 

It was on the 12th floor of the Fort Worth Club and when the sun started to set they raised the blinds and the room was filled with the glow of the sun, beautiful. 

Mother's Day started off the a nice cup of coffee in my pjs and unicorn slippers.

We followed that up with an early soccer game, our last for the season, and picking up some Panera on the way home. I usually get a salad from there because they are so good. 

The kids went to church with my Dad and then he brought them home, Aiden was so tired he took a really long 3.5 hour nap. After lunch Oliver and I watched some tv and took a nap on the couch ourselves, it was one of those really nice relaxing sleeps where you just feel like everything is ok in the world and you don't have to get up for anything. 

We met up for my parents and sister for a hibachi dinner, you know it's Mother's Day when Aiden is sitting next to Oliver and not me - we almost made it through the entire meal before Oliver had to 'switch' the kids. hahahaha. At one point Aiden was mad because he wants out of his high chair so he threw my phone - on the HOT griddle. Thank God the waiter was there and grabbed it before it melted. 

My Mom still makes me pose with gifts like I'm 8.

I woke up this morning to find Madison still asleep in her bed, even through 2 loud thunderstorms last night! Let's hope this trend continues, I told her that if she doesn't want her room I'll be happy to turn it into a gym. Or a closet. 


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