Celebrate Friday!

Necklace via Accessory Jane.

Friday's are a day of cheer and happiness, the weekend is approaching and that means family fun time, or in my case soccer pictures, soccer game, and dance pictures, with some errands thrown in between. Blah, just remembered I'm overdue for an oil change and need to sit down with an actual human at the bank. Adulting is not always fun.

Let's share some happy!

I watched this video from Twist Me Pretty and perfected a beachier looser wave on my hair - twisting while curling was the trick. I've been using a new product on my hair and I lurveeeeeeeeee it {and it's cheap!} John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Serum. I put it on the ends while wet before I blow dry and I also use it on the ends of my second day dirty hair before I curl. I switch to a Hot Tools Professional Flipperless Curling Wand from a tapered wand and it's been much easier to get the hang of, takes me less than 10 minutes to curl.

My Ipsy bag this month was perfect, y'all know I love me a hot pink blush any day any time! I also really loved the hey honey facial serum, it wasn't greasy at all.

Bald babies in jammies wishfully staring out the window watching big sister play before dinner.

I saw someone mention the chicken burgers from Trader Joe's on Facebook. Y'all need these in your life, just so fast easy and yummy.

Oliver's had to go in to the office and work later than usual all week, so most days I only wanted to heat up something quick. Both of these were winners, even the bald one clapped after eating the risotto, that's high praise from a baby.

I've been so busy with soccer and birthday parties every weekend I haven't been able to hit up a good junk sales in forever and ever and ever. I'm SO excited The Urban Flea is being held close to home, it's the day before Mother's Day so I'm sure I'll be there with my Mom. They are having some great vendors and food trucks, if any of you locals would like to come out and shop with me let me know and we can set that up, shopping is always more fun with buddies!  It's being hosted by one of my favorite local stores, Resurrected Designs.

See y'all on Monday!



Madison's 6th Birthday.

For her 6th birthday she requested a swim party, I found a great indoor pool close to our house and rented it out for a few hours. It wasn't that expensive and I was really pleased with their pool and staff!

My Mom made each child a towel, mermaids for the girls and whales for the boys, the directions can be found here if you happen to have an embroidery machine.

She also made cups for each kid, none were broken, but I maybe wouldn't do glass if they are really young.

She also made each girl a seashell necklace, they were really cute, kinda wish I had one! Madison wore hers to school all week.

The cake was made from Poppy Locks, you can't really tell in the picture, but it was shimmery! The painting was made by my Mom too, if you're new around here let me fill you in, my Mom does all the cute stuff for the parties :) I legit bring food, pay, and show up, but it works well for us because her soul is that of an artist.

 A little blow up pool for the drinks.

 We only invited about 10 friends to keep it manageable. 

The kids are getting ready to swim, they line up and I tell them 'if you need floaties there are a bunch by the pool' One little girl speaks up and says 'Don't worry I have my kick board!' 

About 37 seconds later her Aunt Meredith had to jump in fully clothed because her kick board got away from her and she panicked, Aunt Mere didn't realize the life guard was right behind her, but she's the hero of the day! Just reacted! 

Baby Aiden isn't quite big enough for the puddle jumper, but it helps him float with a little help. He was a little unsure, but soon came to love it. 

They swam for the maority of the time, then dried off to eat some cake.

She kept telling me, don't worry I'm not turning 7 yet.

These girls have been friends for a long time and I hope they stay that way!

at their FIRST birthday!

Ugh, I almost cried looking at this picture, it just goes in the blink of an eye. 



Tricep Workout

Tank top weather is already here in Dallas, but some of you up north may still have time to hit the arms hard before you have to bare them to the world! I've been focusing on my triceps a bit more lately, hitting them a minimum of 2 times a week, usually 3 if I have time. 

Here are a few of my go to moves, do me a favor? You know when it starts to burn and your going to quit? Don't. Push yourself. That's where the magic happens.

Finish with a flex break so you can document all your hard work :)

I want to thank every single person who left me a comment yesterday, I am genuinely touched by your love!



I have big thighs, I can not lie.

 A couple days ago I was struggling with how to explain gossiping to my six year old. We've already had many discussions on dealing with 'mean' girls, but after the girl in question wasn't invited to a birthday party and hearing some comments Madison made I became worried about the other girls feelings. I struggled with how to explain to her, in terms she would understand, that she was not to talk about the girl or the fact that she wasn't invited to the party with the other kids EVEN IF THEY WERE ALREADY TALKING ABOUT IT. Don't be part of the problem Madison, how would you feel if the other kids were talking about you and you found out? It's completely fine to not be this girls friend, but that doesn't make it ok to make her feel bad by saying mean things even if it's not to her face. 

Right? Does this sound like sane advice in this situation?
I wonder because at 34 years old I am still left feeling hurt when I'm gossiped about by other women.

A well meaning person sent me an message that she was concerned that someone on my private FB was not someone I would want on there, apparently a picture from a local race I was tagged in showed up on that stupid website and she thought they might have found it through my page.

Yeah, it's a unflattering picture for sure, in fact you can pretty much google any race I've ever done and they are ALL bad! What can I say, I'm not a pretty runner, I'm focusing on my speed rather than smiling or trying to cover up for a picture. In fact, I came in FIRST place in my age group on this race. Anyways, I've been nicknamed FlabbyMeg. Nice. 

I can't imagine why I'd be flabby, I only lost over 100 pounds.

At this point you'd think that mean comments about my body, parenting, food, and life in general would not affect me. Yet, I cried in my office at work yesterday. Of all the things I wish I could change about myself being sensitive to criticism is top of the list.

I need to channel my inner Beyonce and wake up flawless and unhurt by mean words.

I don't know why anyone is surprised by bloggers only posting pictures where they look amazing or skinny, when you have women who spend their free time gossiping about other peoples bodies and saying some really ugly things, wouldn't you only want to put your best foot forward?

I'm not even really sure why I'm sharing this, I know in my head that what other people say shouldn't matter, but it's a lesson I'm sure to keep instilling in my daughter for years to come. Don't be that girl, be proud of ALL your actions not just the ones others see. Women will never change, in fact they may be getting worse if anything, but I'm happy to say I surround myself by only the best ones. The good one lift you up, the good ones are not jealous of your success, and the good ones are not going to talk about you behind your back or computer screen. 

So I'm just gonna keep on taking my flabby butt to the gym, cause yeah, whatever I'm doing is working just fine for me.



Blue Monday.

Oh Monday, you can really suck sometimes, even though I know it's coming and prepare as much as I can sometimes the Monday blues just can't be stopped. 
Slightly cheered me up to know my favorite workout bra is on sale - Panache at Nordstrom.

and a little baby humor, the amount of rolls on this cutie is amazing, I can't stop laughing.

Friday night I decided to test run the Chicken Pizza Crust to see how easy and fast it would be for during the week, winner! Oliver loved it and I threw it together in less than 10, I topped mine with spinach, bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, and cheese.  

Saturday was our usual - I go early to the gym, soccer around 11, and then we had Madison's birthday party later that afternoon.Well actually I had a hair appointment at 11 so Oliver had to take both kids AND  the snacks BY HIMSELF. Shockingly none of the grandparents were going to this game, poor Oliver. I hear that he did great and Aiden even let someone else hold him while Oliver made a potty run with Madison.

I got in the cutest little sundress from Copper Peacock just in time for the mermaid themed party. Aiden's shirt is from Pumpkin Butter Kids on Etsy. I'll share more details on the party later this week, I forgot the SD card to download the pictures. 

It's so nice to go do the party somewhere else and not have to spend the rest of the evening cleaning up after a bunch of kids. We got home and spent the rest of the daylight out back just relaxing, or in Oliver's case drinking a beer and texting. 

Sunday I woke up for a sunrise 8 mile run followed by pancakes, just a short stack this time. 459 calories 9f/59c/37p I cleaned out the fridge, made a grocery list, did laundry, and picked up around the house while Aiden napped. Then everyone came to my soccer game, Aiden was freaking adorable and again let someone actually hold him. He was cooing on the sidelines, had all the girls all over him. That kid will make your ovaries hurt. 

My game was right now the street from Trader Joes so we stopped by for some goodies. I am not a fan of the weekends there, too crowded and everyone is slow browsing the products so you literally stand in line to go down the aisles. We picked up some new items, I'll let you know if they are worth the trip after I give them a go. 

Then we had some lunch before stopping by Kroger for the last couple items we needed. I turn around to pick up some paper plates and Oliver disappears, again. He knows that drives me crazy so to get him back I let Aiden try to walk around, which drives him nuts. The bald one just wants to be free! He's getting better at walking, but we aren't quite there yet. 

I spend about an hour prepping food while Aiden naps and Oliver mows the yard. I freaking just love this time of year, Madison is outside all day running around and the sun stays up forever.

He wakes up all smiles from his nap and I let him watch outside the window while Madison is playing on the trampoline. I clean up the bedroom, finish laundry, and pack my gym bags for the next day, then we all head over to my parents house for dinner.

Madison insists on being our waitress, her ice to drink ratio need a little help though. After dinner we watch a little tv and wind down for the day, last chance to kiss on the bald one before he goes to bed around 8:15 and Madison at 8:30. I spray tan and then go to bed around 9.

I was NOT feeling it this morning, I actually stood in the kitchen for a good 3 minutes pep talking myself. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with skipping a workout, but I have to look at the bigger picture, how much of a bitch am I going to be all day if I do? Once I'm up I can't go back to sleep anyways and what am I going to do? Watch TV until it's time to get ready? No. I chug my preworkout and hit the gym and sure enough, I feel better once I'm done.



Hair, Food, and Cake.

Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here, I was busy at work and dealing with my tax screw up, which I got all fixed thanks to a wonderful friend who just happens to be a kick ass CPA. Going back through all of 2013 was enough to get me on board for keeping better records of my finances. Anyways, lesson learned and I'm glad I won't have to sell the bald one to stay out of debtors jail. 


He's a total keeper. 

 This one is dying to ride her new big girl bike, but first she must master her little bike with no training wheels. Well Daddy has been working late so the neighbor boy helped, then I tried to help, and let's just say it's not going well. We can't ride in the grass, fire ants are everywhere and you DON'T want to fall in to those suckers. Someone suggested taking off the pedals so I'm trying that next, I can't handle the drama. 

 Dusted off the trusty red coupe for him, he won't use his feet to power it, but he'll mess with the door for a good 45 minutes happily. 

The big 6th birthday party is happening tomorrow, the Poppy Locks cake looks so freaking amazing I can't wait to get me a big ole hunk of strawberry awesomeness.

I'm getting bored with my hairs, again. It's faded and blah, but just now when I was looking on my Pinterest hair board I realized it's been 33 weeks since I've had it done! yikes. 

Here's what I did last time, a medium brunette with a balayage technique for some blonde on the ends. I think I want to go a tad darker this go round.

Maybe like this...

If I copy her hair can I get her body? She's probably the one woman Oliver would leave me for, hahahha, in his dreams!

Maybe a bit stronger on the blonde ends, but I'm not going to cut it just yet although it's getting to be a ton of work. 

I'm in need of a new meal plan, I've been eating the same things on rotation for a while now and I just feel blah and blah about all of it, so I found some ideas for breakfast and lunch I'm going to give a go.

Breakfast: Breakfast of Champions – high protein omelettes with chicken and veggies
 I am going to make a huge batch of this and split it up into 5 tupperwares for taking to work all week.

Lunch: Tuna Mix with Crackers or whole wheat bread. 
While I dearly loved my Turkey Meatballs I want to try switching to something with less fat and higher carbs, so I think I need to add in items I can eat with bread. I actually struggle getting in the carbs I need because carbs with out fats are no fun at all. I need to get in more things like sweet potatoes, I burned myself out on them, but I think it's been long enough.

Dinners: Honey Lime Chicken - Chicken Pizza Crust >> going to give these a shot. Nothing crazy at night, mostly I do chicken with a veggie because we have too much going on and I would rather be kissing on the baby then spending 30 minutes cooking a dinner. The skewers I could probably have Oliver prep before I get home and the chicken crust may be a Friday night meal, but that just leaves Tue - Thur on the boring stuff. 

I'm obsessed with my Oikos yogurt - topped with granola or strawberries and melted Cookie Butter. 
Popcorn is a must - lots of volume for a little bit of macros. I think one cup has like less than 5 carbs on the kind I use.  Angie's Popcorn has some amazing flavors, but they are higher in fat so I can't have as much. 
I don't use protein bars or shakes very often anymore, really only on the weekends if I'm in a hurry. 

What are your favorite snacks?
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