Protein Pancakes Simplified!


A $27 Balloon.

Let's rewind to Thursday, when I finally caved and tried hair extensions! Chandler was the doll who fixed Oliver's hair and I happened to see that she offered extension services, then she showed me hers, just a few on the sides to give some thickness to her hair. I have been hesitant to try them in the past because of the extra time it would take to dry or style my hair, but she convinced me to give them a go. 

I got 2 bags worth put in, shockingly they are not heavy at all on my head, she told me I couldn't get them wet for 48 hours. Thankfully that gave me just enough time before my run on Saturday to let them set. It literally took her like 30 minutes to put them in, I didn't have to add any length, just fullness. The bags run about 60 bucks each and it was about $100 to have her add them, the price depends on how many you get though, I believe a full head runs close to $300. 

Saturday was the Hot Chocolate 15k, it was my first time to run this race and I have to say it was awesome, I will for sure be trying to run it every year! The swag was great, a nice zip up jacket, but the real winner was the post run food.

I can't say that I remember running another 15k, I check on Athlinks (a website that stores all your race times), but I couldn't find another race that distance I had run. The weather was perfect, chilly, but no wind. I felt strong and ran a good pace, I went into it with no goal in mind, but once I started running I was like 'well lets try to run a sub 9' and I blew that up so I'm happy! It was so much colder at the finish, I promised SK I would wait for her, but my hands were numb so I had to bail on her and find gear check to get my jacket. I even managed to stop at every sweet station on the route, marshmallows are actually really good while you are running, I'm going to remember that for my next long training run. 

Post race they give you a huge mug filled with the most amazing melted chocolate and all kinds of fun items to dip in said chocolate.

They have to be lacing that chocolate with crack, it's so melty and good. I ate every single thing, no shame in my game!

I was salty, dirty, and freezing when I got home so I immediately jumped into a hot bath and washed my hair. The extra hair does make it harder to dry, but I just dried my bangs and let the rest air dry for a while and finished it off with a blow dryer. 

I made myself a tuna sandwich with extra pickles in my sandwich press, swear my cat never comes out unless she hears the can opener. We relaxed until the Baldish One woke up from his nap, then Target and Trader Joes. 

Springtime for us means a birthday party almost every weekend, so we stocked up on gifts for the next 3 parties from Target. They had this endcap with something called the Wubble Ball, have you heard of this? I bought the kids one and watched the You Tube video for it. First of all it was kinda $$$, I bought one of the smaller ones, the WubbleX, and it was 20 bucks plus 8 bucks for the can of helium to fill it. Once Oliver blew it up we immediately realized that small children would not be ideal customers because it started to float away {like a balloon}. We became confused, how would kids play with this?? After about 10 minutes the helium started to lose effectiveness and it didn't float away so quickly so we gave it to Madison, within 8 minutes the stupid thing popped when it touched her dollhouse. So the moral of the story is - don't spend 27 dollars on a balloon for your kids. Thankfully Oliver had a $1 pack of pink balloon in his office, he blew up 2 and the kids stopped crying. 

I have a bunch of trips coming up this month, birthday parties, and soccer starts next weekend, my already hectic life is going to get even more hectic. I decided to take the day off, we slept in, ate breakfast, cleaned a little, and then I legit sat on the couch in my pjs watching Gilmore Girls for the entire day. Madison had friends over and Aiden took a 3 hour nap, it was glorious. People called and I didn't answer, Oliver even caved and started watching the show with me.

Yep, me at 4pm, I finally decided to roll off the couch and meet my Mom for dinner. She was driving back from Austin with my sister, so we were all going to meet at Mi Cocina to eat, but apparently the Super Bowl is a holiday and they were closing at 6 to watch the game. Restaurants don't shut down for Christ's birthday, but they will for a football game, side eye. Anyways we ended up at good ole Olive Garden, they never let us down. We went home put the kids to bed and watched more Gilmore Girls hahahaha. I really need more lazy days like that, it was great for my mind and body! 


Riced Cauliflower - 3 Recipes to try!

This is my new favorite item, I am lucky enough to have found it at my local Trader Joe's, so I bought 10 bags because they are always sold out! Now I love this particular one because it is frozen, so it stays good forever, but if you can't find this you can find something similar at Walmart in the produce section or make your own. You would just chop up some cauliflower and pop it in the food processor, but is it just me or do you hate to cut broccoli and cauliflower?? It's so messy!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to use this product.

Chicken 'fried rice'. Sauté the cauliflower in a pan, add in veggies {I used peas}, then make a hole in the middle to cook up some egg, season with salt, pepper, and soy sauce.

I added it to my Trader Joe's Orange Chicken, oh mylanta, so good! 

When you are dieting volume in your food is important, you want things to be low calorie, but tons of food to help keep you full. Hunger pains are the #1 reason I fall off my plan, adding in riced cauliflower to dishes I already make help fill me up. This is the TJ's Sweet Potato gnocchi with chicken, but you could add in regular sweet potato and riced cauliflower! 

I made this last night and will be making it again tomorrow, it's freaking filling and so so so good. I sautéed the cauliflower, added in some Rotel and cilantro then built myself a 'chipotle' bowl topping the riced mixture with roasted corn, black beans, chicken, and laughing cow pepper jack cheese sauce. You don't even miss the rice, at all. 

Tell me, how do you eat riced cauliflower? 


Large Feature Wall with Stikwood.

Long before my upstairs office addition was completed I dreamed of having a huge feature wall we could use as a backdrop for photos. One of my requirements for the space was lots and lots of natural light, the back wall of the room is windowless and 22 feet long, perfect for a backdrop. A friend of mine suggested I look into Stikwood and I absolutely fell in love with their product!

If you've never heard or seen Stikwood let me fill you in, they are the lightest, thinnest reclaimed wood planks ever. These are not wood pallets you get from Home Depot, they are made from reclaimed and sustainable woods sourced from various locations in the U.S. 

Installation: First I recruited my friends, while looking through the Stikwood Instagram I came across a photo where someone mixed all the colors they offered for a very eclectic look, which I loved and had to recreate! The couple at Stikwood figured up exactly how much of each color I would need when I ordered. We were concerned about laying the colors out evenly enough to not have any weird spots so we decided to lay it out on the ground first to 'test' it. 

We probably overthought this color layout too much to be honest, once we got going we didn't even stick with this design. 

Actually putting the planks on the wall was super easy, just peel and stick, the sticky parts had no issue adhering to the wall and even when we had to pull one off and readjust it didn't tear up the wall at all. 

Now everything we read said to start in the middle, for some reason that I can't recall now, we all decided to start in the upper corner. Don't do that, mmmmkay? Just trust me. 

You DO need to make best friends with your level, leveling everything is critical to it coming out right in the end. Given that the wall was 22 feet long we got a little lazy with the leveling somewhere in the middle and we had a few gaps at the end of the wall. 

When you are putting them on you need to be really sure to get them as flush with the planks above as you can! I really love how each plank is different, no two are exactly alike, we would pick one up and be like 'ohhhhhhh this one is my fav' and two minutes later 'just kidding, THIS one is!' ahahahah. 

When I had to make cuts I would just label the wall and the back of the board, then put them to the side. You can cut them with an exacto knife, but it's easier with a saw. 

I recruited a little help for around the outlets, Oliver also fixed my life by filling in the gaps I had at the end. See, that's why he's my husband, he's so patient and is good at the things I'm not so good at, little details. 

Overall it took us a weekend to complete and turned out even better than I imagined, it's perfect for the space. Oliver loves it so much he told me to get some more and use it downstairs under our bar area. 

Even better that it's working out perfectly as a backdrop for Ollie Marie clothing! We are going to be really glad we have this when it's 200 degrees outside this summer. 


Buffalo + Blue Cheese = YAASSSSS.

Sponsored by Blue Apron

It's Blue Apron week at my house!! I'm always so excited to see what's on my menu for the week, something fresh and new to delight my taste buds. Y'all know I love me some food! I promised my best employee, Shelly Kelly or SK as I'm calling her now, that I would make her a fantastic lunch from my box. Seriously, I'm like the best boss ever feeding her yummy food. 

We decided to go with the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with a side of Blue Cheese Endive Salad. I've never had Endive {uh, I didn't even know WHAT it was!} which is one of the reasons I love Blue Apron, trying new food! If you aren't familiar with Blue Apron they delivers all the farm-fresh ingredients you need, right to your doorstep, in exactly the right proportions. I love easy and that's exactly what they do, make my life easier!

Put little man in his chair with some food to keep him out from under foot, most of their meals are super fast to prepare - 20 minutes or less. I LOVE how everything comes in little packages and are labeled, no digging around for ingredients. 

I always start by reading over the directions, you know I'm a non-direction follower, but it does help to have a general idea what you're about to do. They offer 2 person or Family plans, right now I'm just getting the 2 person plan.

I'm not a great chopper, but I did ok on the shallots, only almost cutting myself once. I'm pretty sure I need to invest in a mincer now that I'm getting better at cooking. 

This is Endive - it's a leafy veggie - now we all know :) Pink knives are not necessary, but a little color never hurt anyone. 

We sliced and diced all the veggies and mixed up the dressing for the salad - it contained olive oil, vinegar, and shallots. 

Even though they give an approximation of the calories I weigh and track for the exact macros, don't judge me by my beat up scale.  Each meal runs about 500 to 700 calories per person. 

The sandwiches are made with the thighs, not breasts, which provided a tender and juicy sandwich. {{Preacher hand emoji}}

The key, I've learned from Blue Apron, is to toast the buns in the pan after you're done cooking. It really just makes the entire burger sing. 

Really, so so good, the Blue Cheese Endive Salad was the perfect compliment to the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich! 

First 20 readers will get two free meals on their first Blue Apron order - click here!

I really appreciate Blue Apron's mission - they take time to ensure their recipes are good for beginners. I am by no means a great cook, but I feel like one every time I make a Blue Apron recipe. I also love that all of their ingredients are fresh and natural.



The weather in Dallas this weekend was nothing short of spectacular, like lets just go outside and sit on a patio while we eat and drink. Everywhere we went we rolled down the windows and popped the sunroof. 

I am going to Vegas to shop for Spring clothing, but I wanted to go to the Dallas market for a few hours to hit a couple local vendors, I finally got to meet Ali in person, she's the #girlboss behind The Light Blonde. The weather had me all sorts of excited for dresses and tank top with a side of sparkly flip flops and blinged out hats. 

I'm going to be out of town for a lot of February, so I had to buy a new suitcase, my pink one has a busted zipper. Aiden is obsessed with pulling and pushing it around the house, who needs toys, I need to put it away while he's sleeping. I might just pack his sweet face up and take him with me. 

Saturday I did my first stair climb, 70 stories or 1540 steps, it was a ton of fun! It was hard, but short, I climbed it in about 16 minutes and yes my legs were on fire and my lungs burning, but it didn't last long. Maybe next year Madison will do it with me! 

Then we went to Gloria's for brunch, of course I got the chicken, but it was actually really good and I felt good when we left. Nothing worse than indulging then regretting it when you leave, just ask Oliver about his pizza last night ;)

I pull up to this scene when I get to my Mom's ahahahah. I can't even with my squad. I'm telling you, everyone just wanted to be outdoors in the sunshine! 

Bae Bae was sick all last week, I used the Theives oils on his feet and I really think it made a difference. I also used it on Madison and she didn't catch it, which is kinda a miracle. 

Sunday was the Too Cold to Hold half marathon, it was actually hot out and I made sure to TRISLIDE up my entire body so I wouldn't chafe.  It was Shelly's first half and I promised her I would stay with her, which she was not happy about. When I picked her up  I told her I didn't sleep well the night before and she told me 'good I hope you feel like crap and run slow' hahahah That's like the worst thing anyone has ever said to me before a race. She wanted to run around a 11, but I knew she had a 10:15 in her and she finished in 2:16 which is amazing for her first race! I'm glad she let me push her just a bit ;) The entire crew came out and it was a ton of fun, I love my running group so much!!

I picked up Aiden from my MIL on the way home, poor baby was worn out from playing outside and knocked out as soon as he got in the car, he slept about 40 minutes home, then went straight to his crib for about 2+ hours when we got home.

I didn't have time to go eat tacos with everyone afterwards so I was about to die of hunger when I got home, I made my favorite nachos with my TJ's reduced guilt chips and caught up on Housewives before I even showered.

We spent the afternoon at a petting zoo birthday party, Madison was gracious enough to trade in her rippy jeans for rippy shorts. The clothing struggle is very real with this child, even wearing a uniform to school hasn't been great, Oliver and her fight almost every morning.

Then we finished the day up at the grocery, where we spend half our life savings. On the way home Oliver made some smart remark about me not turning off my turn signal soon enough, so I left it on the entire way home just to annoy him. 


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