Sipping on Sugar. Diet Bet. Recipes.

I made it through the election (with my parents and very opinionated FB friends), so who knew that a Unicorn drink would be the thing that was the line in the sand for me. 

I knew the risk of posting this picture online.

OMG, it's has 76g of sugar and you gave it to your kids?! 

Yup. Cause we know how to treat ourselves in moderation. We got talls - we shared - we had our fill and threw the rest away. It was a fun little way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. {don't worry we shared with Aiden too} We made up songs and cheers in the car about being unicorns and had a grand ole time sipping on that sugar. BTW I guess some places made it differently, but ours were pretty dang good.

But, seriously, the judgy people are too much for me. I hope they know that a can of coke, a gatorade, and a MILLION OTHER DRINKS have lots of sugar too. Sheesh. Killing my happy unicorn vibes. Honestly if there is one thing I can't tolerate in other people it's negativity - even if it's not directed to me. 

Now let's talk about food.

I know I mostly eat my chicken, but with the addition of the Instant Pot to my life I've been branching out and trying Salmon. It cooks in 10 minutes, is super yummy, and full of protein. I put mine over Cous Cous {get the fast cooking kind!} for an easy lunch. I bought this one from Walmart and I rarely shop there for meat, but it was preseasoned and quite tasty.

I made this Honey Garlic Brussel recipe the other night - it has soy sauce in it - Oliver flipped over how good it was, must try! Also if you haven't cooked a spaghetti squash in the IP you are missing out, it legit peeled like an egg.

Cardio dieting vs Weightlifting dieting. To be honest I'd take either one over my 'before' photo, but I'm pretty proud of those muscle cause I've worked really hard to build them.

I'm currently reverse dieting- I was in a 'fat loss' plan at around 1650ish calories. I've been adding 200 every few weeks and I'm at about 2000ish right now. I will keep that up through the summer, but checking in on my weight/measurements so I don't go overboard and start adding a bunch of fat. That's the problem when I move my calories up - I get lazy and start not being consistent with my numbers. To hold myself accountable I'm doing an after Labor Day Diet Bet - starts May 3.

We will have a month long accountability group on FB to share workouts, recipes, daily food logs, etc. The link to the FB group will be posted on the activity page of the Diet Bet a few days before the game begins! Keeping others acceptable helps me keep myself that way too!


Easter Weekend

This cracked me up because it's like a look into Oliver's soul {deep childhood love for Rottweilers} and trying to do the math from his never ending Easter celebration Sunday. 

To be fair we both ate a good meal, every time I have a single bite of dessert my Mom whips out her camera and asks 'does that fit your macros' Yes, it does Mom ;)

I can't be too mad at her, she whipped up some pretty awesome baskets for the children. She knows me too well, I don't want anymore candy or toys in the house, I'm all about DECLUTTERING right now. She even bought them each stuffed animals, ughhhhhhh THE WORST. I swear she does it to see my reactions LOL Deep down I'm probably just jealous I no longer get a basket.

The confetti filled eggs were a big hit, Aiden was so sweaty his stuck to his head for most of the day. Oliver refuses to let me cut his hair, I've trimmed the bottom, but he wants his curls to stay for as long as possible.

This is Oliver around the same age - I mean could they BE any more similar!? Hands in pockets, same hair, same smile. 

We are closing on the new house 6/7 which is like, so soon! I'm working on packing up rooms to show the house, it's exhausting for sure. I'm also gearing up for my first booth at a show for Ollie Marie this weekend. I've had to buy tents, fixtures, signs, bags, etc. Hopefully the weather is perfect and it's worth it. I'm kinda testing the waters with this to branch out a bit - if you're local I'd love to see you. It's in Rockwall - click here for info

I know I'm long overdue for a boutique update, but I just finished out my taxes and I'll do a post updating things that worked and didn't work for me thus far. If you have specific questions please let me know and I'll be happy to cover it in my post.


My Internet Friends.

Never Not Hungry Top

This is Sara and Amanda, my internet friends. Sara lives in Houston and Amanda is in North Carolina and we decided we were ready to become in real life friends, so we planned a girls weekend in NC {cause Amanda is super pregnant and doesn't like to fly}. Actually I was planning to go run the Rock N Roll half there, but ya know I can't run anymore so I just went for fun. 

The problem with this plan is how do you explain your relationship to your friends, your parents, your grandmother?! Awkward. It was much easier to explain when we were going to run race, it gave it purpose, now we had to beat around the bush. 

So to make it less weird I inited other internet friends from around town to come and hang out with us. Makes total sense, right?!

Saturday Sara and I wanted to try out a local Crossfit, Amanda {who BTW lives in a small town that she has lived in her entire life which means she know everyone} gave me strict instructions - do not name drop so I don't have to explain who you are later.

So we hit up this Crossfit, in a basement, I'm trying to figure out how they do pull ups and stuff and we see the rig outside. I'd die if I had to wall ball or do bar work in the cold/wet/snow. Anyways so we get on the rower to warmup and the lady next to me starts asking me where I'm from, why I'm here, etc.

Next thing you know I have word vomit - I'm like 'oh I met this girl online and we wanted to meet in real life' then she gets quiet and I guess I sounded like this was some type of dating hookup site so I start telling her about my blog and it just spirals. OMG> I have to be supervised when I'm on pre workout y'all. Thankfully she didn't know Amanda!

We stayed at the cutes little hotel, it really felt like a bed and breakfast! Highly recommend if you're going to the Winston Salem area.

Oliver doesn't think it's weird when I go me internet friends anymore, hahaha. He just said if she turned out to be normal would she cook him dinner while he's in town for work. Always thinking of his dinner! 

I was appalled to learn that Amanda did not plan to take maternity photos and this is her last baby! I tried to guilt her, but no go, the best I could do was snap one myself. Isn't this bridge just gorgeous!!??

Sunday {Jen} who happens to live and teach in the area offered a private Hot Barre Class for a few of us! I've never done Barre much less hot Barre, let me tell you if was really hard! I'm like, swear I workout y'all, but you wouldn't know it cause all those tiny muscle were killing me. 

The Hot Yoga Therapy studio also has a really cool Salt Room which is cool air and himalayan salt, you stay in for 45 minutes and let it heal and rejuvenate you. 

They also have a float room, have you heard of this? You lay in this hot tub like thing and float for an hour in dead silence, she swears you won't drown and it's like a 3 hour massage, your muscles turn to jelly you are so relaxed. I'm totally finding one in Dallas to try!

My next trip will be in August to Madison, WI for the Crossfit games where I plan to meet more internet friends! 


3 and 8

It's official - I have a 3 and 8 year old! The 3 year old now pees in a potty and the 8 year old said I'm "not cool enough" to be in her You Tube Videos. Then she called me "MOM" and I had to spank her little butt because I'm still "Momma" or 'Mommy'. She just work laughed me and ran off.

This one is a little parrot - literally ANYTHING you say can be repeated at any time. In the car the other day I called Oliver, who answered and pretended to only speak Spanish. I hung up on him and said 'that Daddy is acting dumb'. After thinking about it a second I said 'well, not dumb that's not a nice word, he's acting crazy' which lead to a conversation about what words weren't nice - Aiden asks 'what about damn bug?' [sigh.} I won't even say the other phrase that he asked because my Dad thought it would be funny. 

We skipped birthday parties this year and took the kids {plus two friends} to Great Wolf Lodge for a night. I will say it was so much fun for them both, even with a 5 year age gap. We could only go on the weekend so paid full price, I highly recommend shopping around for a better deal because it can be pricey. Someone told me if you book 6 months out you also can get a discount and I know Groupon has some too.

They keep the indoor waterpark about 85 degrees, but I like my water a bit warmer. I mostly hung out with the littles in the kiddy area, they were obsessed with the slides. Over and over and over again.

The big girls spent their time waiting in line for water slides and going round the lazy river. Let me tell you how much Aiden HATED the lazy river, he was terrified, mostly of the water splashing down in places.

The had other activities there as well, the arcade was fun, they also had some kind of quest with a sword that you run around the hotel and do things - I dunno about it because I didn't want the older girls running around by themselves. We did go to story time after dinner and the 9:30pm dance party which was really so much fun! 

After a pretty sleepless night tossing and turning and telling the girls to quit giggling and go to bed, we headed down for coffee and morning yoga. Then we hit the buffet before a few hours at the waterpark. Overall I'd say it was a great birthday and we'd go again, but an overnight is plenty of time. I think I'd go back in the summer when we could use the outdoor parts too.

And for those of you who've been around here since she was this big - thank you for sticking around! 


I'm {Super-Fun}

5 things. 

1. I freaking LOVE these shoes and I got such a great deal that every time someone asks about them I say 'and I only paid 50 bucks!'  :: I could only find the men's for sale online HERE, but size down and get you a pair! 

2. My Crossfit girls are the best and had the PERFECT shirt made for my birthday!! It's my favorite saying when we are working out :)
NOW to be clear - when I say 'beat' Oliver I mean percentage wise {they program girl lifts to be 70% of guy lifts so if I do 71% of whatever weight he lifted then I beat him, get it?} 
I am killing it with my overhead lifts, who knew I had such strong arms! Totally beat Oliver ;)

3. My knee. I've told you that I've accepted that I can't run FOR NOW and I'm embracing this opportunity to make some muscle gain while I literally can not do any steady state cardio. 

In the last 8 months or so I've had a hard time gaining any muscle, like a pound here and a pound there, but I'm looking for like 3+ pounds! I want to just fill out a few areas, but it's been a struggle. Probably because NOT DOING CARDIO  is so hard for someone who used it as a weight loss tool for years. Even when I cut back before I never let it go 100%

I'm not saying cardio is bad - it's good for you! It just doesn't align with what I'm trying to do to my body, but it's like an addiction that is hard to put aside 100%. Honestly if I could run I would be, hahaha, it's a sickness y'all. We do 'crossfit cardio' at the gym during the metcons, but those are usually about 10 minutes and consist of pull-ups, wall balls, burpees, and other forms of torture. 

The other part of gaining muscle is food, to find that magic place where you gain muscle but don't gain a ton of fat along with it. I'm starting with a slight increase of about 200 calories a day, then I'll check my weight and see if it's maintaining or whatever and adjust from there.  

It's good for me to change my goals, I'm just not the girl who causally goes to workout with no plan in mind - I need to have something I'm working towards or I get bored. 

4. If you STILL haven't bought an Instant Pot you have another reason to jump on this bandwagon.  This spaghetti squash peeled like an onion after 20 minutes! I didn't poke it, cut it, or anything!


Oliver is having SUCH a hard time figuring out double unders, finally I couldn't take it anymore so I ordered him a {super-fun} rope from Double Under Wonder. Ok, and one for me too cause I dare you to go look at all the cool customized ropes and not buy yourself one. 

I obviously had to include the Double Under Dust because #glitter 
He needs all the help he can get.


Our White House Update

I had a fantastic birthday week, nothing fancy, but I did get to eat some of my favorite Bundt Cake! {ok, 2! they are the small ones} I got a pedicure, Oliver got off work early and we went to the gym for the last workout for the Open. I have to say I'm glad it's over, it was like doing a competition every week and it's hard on your body. 

It was also my Dad's birthday week, luckily my Mom knows we need to celebrate with cake twice ;) 

We stopped by the new house for the weekly inspection and I almost died when I saw they installed my floors!!! I spent the bulk of our budget on the flooring, the builders gives us a 20K 'allowance' to use on upgrades and I used it completely on the tile. Having worked at a tile company it was REAL hard to spend that knowing I could get it so much cheaper, but I had to just bite the bullet because it's such a hassle to rip out something else and retile. So whatever, YOLO! 

I lost sleep over what color grout to use, everyone said white would be dirty fast, but I was worried a darker one would look dirty all the time, but it looks perfect! 

The tile is all over the bottom floor minus the bedrooms, this is Oliver's new office. He's pretty excited to have a view now and move out of the cramped bedroom he's in at our house. 

I CAN NOT WAIT for this cubby area, our house now doesn't have one and we use hooks in our very small laundry room and bags are over flowing, as are shoes, and coolers, etc. 

Dining room - haven't really decided on what to do in here since I don't really want a formal dining room. I thought maybe a family office space with a desk and computer for the kids to do homework etc. 

They also added my backsplash last week!! Totally forgot what I even picked, love it even more seeing it with my cabinets and countertops. It's like my Pinterest board came to life and I can't even believe that we are going to live here, I honestly feel so lucky and it seems surreal, I could cry tears of joy every time I walk in there. 

I really want to paint the kitchen a light blue/teal color - lots of grey happening so we need a splash of color. I also want to change the light fixtures, the ones they hung are too small. OMG and lets not forget I finally will have a walk in pantry!!! No more crap all over the counters!

We went with a darker tile in the masterbath and I was worried about how it would turn out, but I like it with the white cabinets. I'll update with the upstairs next week, they had too many people working up there for us to walk around.

We are taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a night next weekend to celebrate both of their birthdays! I'd love tips if you've been, it will be our first visit!

**I turned off blog comments, I don't like to police the negativity on here. I do love to hear from y'all on Facebook though! 


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