Family Photos and a Story.

Before Aiden was born my photographer, Amber Jane, suggested a 'grow with me package' to keep up with his first year and I'm so glad I did it!  I have a million pics of Madison so I wanted to be sure he never felt like second child :) While sharing a few of my favorites I thought I would also tell you a story of a typical night at my house and why Oliver and I occasionally fight.

I LOVE that Aiden is holding Madison's hand in this picture!
I pick up the kids from my Mother In Laws house after work and we have about a 45 minutes commute home - which can mean two things: crying or sleeping for both of them depending on the day. On this day they both fell asleep and one little tidbit about the 5 year old - she can wake up happy or she can wake up a bear, to put it nicely.  Real nicely.

I pull up in the driveway and contemplate who to carry in first, if I take Aiden he'll most likely wake up and cry while I go get Madison and by then she could wake up and start crying in the car because I left her, for 30 seconds. OR I can take her first and hope she'll be OK left on the bed while I get Aiden. Did I mention that she weighs like 55 pounds and Aiden's car seat is like 60 and I'm wearing heels and my feet hurt? In a perfect world she would just nicely wake up and skip inside while I get the baby, but like a said, a bear when she's tired. One day she literally whined and cried for 90 minutes and I almost lost my mind.

Anyways I get the kids inside, crying, whining, sweating, and all I wanna do is rip off my work clothes and put on some pj's. Oh and pee, I just wanna pee. Finally we are settled and ready to make dinner, I get Aiden going first so I can feed him while I make dinner, Madison runs off to put on her 7th outfit of the day and find her iPad so she can listen to her music. I'm prepping chicken and the oven in-between shoveling baby food in his mouth, so impatient when he's hungry! Madison comes back to the kitchen in a full on diva outfit, starts blaring music and dancing around. Not all my music is on her iPad so she starts begging me to download more, I told her after dinner I would, but in typical 5 year old style she continues to ask me EVERY 30 SECONDS. I hate repeating myself a 100 times, but it's like talking to a brick wall some days, suddenly she stops and declares she has to poop.

I told her to go and call me when she's done so I can 'check' to be sure it's clean {we've had irritation issues} this turns into a 5 minute debate because she's 'scared' to go alone, which is 5 year old BS for she just wants me to come with her. Finally the urge wins and she goes, I put Aiden's bumbo on the floor and go to help her, then run back to check the chicken and pick up a crying baby to comfort him. She comes back in the kitchen for 48 seconds before declaring she has to go....again. At this point I'm frazzled and annoyed, but I go when she calls me and when I step up to the toilet I feel something mushy between my toes.

I'm gonna scream, I literally just stepped in poo and WHY IS THERE POO ON THE FLOOR MADISON?? She's like I'm sorry it was an accident {story of her life} and I'm like - find me something to clean this off with and she's like Aiden's crying and I tell her THAT'S BECAUSE I'M CLEANING YOUR POO OFF MY FOOT.  She brings me wipes and I'm lecturing her on waiting too long to go.

It's a miracle dinner didn't burn, but it's ready and I fix her a plate while getting Aiden cleaned up and I hear something in the garage, my parents stopped by to say hi, thank the Lord! They start playing with the baby and I take the opportunity to make myself a plate and sit down, but before I can Madison has knocked my favorite wine glass off the table and busted it {she likes to drink her juice from it like a princess}. I'M SORRY IT WAS AN ACCIDENT {again, story of her life} so I spend the next few minutes looking for shards of pink glass on the floor and imagining myself stepping on one and not being able to run for a week. 

FINALLY I get to sit down and eat, Oliver walks out from his office. Did I mention that he's been home this entire time working? He walks over to the kitchen and say's 'where's her backpack?' and I say "It's still in the car' and he say's

'Of course you didn't even bother to bring it in'.


This is just a typical night in our house and hopefully Oliver decides to read my blog today cause he needs to thank his lucky stars I didn't throat punch him for that comment.

You never know how hard someones day was, so think before you speak.



Damn Plateau

I knew it was going to hit - the plateau. Knowing it's going to happen doesn't make it any less frustrating, but I can't have the best of both worlds. Marathon training is not conducive to weight loss at least not on the scale.  I'm running 25-30 miles a week and lifting 3x a week at the gym, that's a lot of stress on my body. I'm not freaking quitter though so obviously I have a plan.

And progress pics to make myself realize that the scale is a lying whore.

I forgot how good running is for my legs, they are definitely getting firmer and the squat challenge is helping the boootay- well that and running all those damn hills. 

So I have 5 days left on my Diet Bet to lose .5 pound and I will for sure be super mad if I don't make it .... again. I can do this.

Here's the plan. I'm gonna eat more - hahhahahaha. Yep, I can't cut back on cardio right now so I'm going to have to up my carbs by 23g/day for a week -  moving my calories from 2116 to 2210. If nothing happens then I'm going to add more. I have been feeling just a tad sluggish this week and it may be from not enough carbs, so hopefully this will give me some extra energy.

This little fatty is worth all the work :) This kid ain't never seen a mirror he didn't like, just like his Mama!

My September I'm Pretty Fit box came with more protein packed goodies for me to try! The Uplift I just love love love, the About Time Protein drink was not great even though I loved the concept of it being premade and easy to travel. I actually kept it in my car in case I was in need and I was today because I forgot my shaker bottle this morning, I tried the chocolate and the flavor was just not good. The SK Energy I liked a lot, but Sunday I took one around 2:30 before my soccer game to give me a little push and I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight - sooooooo those are definitely made to take early in the day. I'll let y'all know when I try out the rest. That's why I like this box, I get to try different protein items without spending a lot on things I may not like - if you want to give one month a shot use code MEG10 for a discount. 

 I'm really going to try and change my mood today after my little run in with the scale. As much as I don't care about my weight I'm also working my ass off and even a .2 loss would be appreciated by that stupid thing.

No promises though.



Marathon Training - Halfway!

I totally forgot to weigh in before my run this morning, so I'll do it tomorrow. Hopefully it will be time for some 10 pound progression pictures - fingers crossed!

I thought I would share more details on my marathon training - you know in case you're on the fence about doing one at some point in your life.

Someone told me the training is MUCH harder than the actual race and I'm going to have to agree with that statement. It's been pretty brutal so far, mostly due to the high temps and humidity in Dallas. I know I bitch and moan about it every run, but it's just so hard to push though. 

My training plan: I joined the Dallas Running Club for my long runs and while I don't feel I should share their entire plan I can give you the long run schedule for the next 12 weeks. It's a 22 week plan that starts with 7 miles and works up, right now we are at 14/15 and we stay there for 3 weeks.
14, 16, Race Loop?, 18, 14, 18, 14, 18, short, 16, 18, 22, 17, 12, Race. That's a heck of a lot of running for the next 2.5 months.

I can't meet the club for weekday runs so I have another group I meet for 5 miles at 5 am by my house. I just go with whatever plan they put together for the day, hills or tempo runs usually. Today was a personal best for me since the baby, sub 10 for 5 miles. On Wednesday I do a Spin class and on Thursday we run 4 miles on the treadmill with hills and sprints thrown in.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the best way to get faster is to run with someone who is faster! I was DYING, but I didn't want to wimp out so I pushed though and I'm glad I did [once it was over].

Fuel. So the day before I carbo load {I take some macros from my fats and add it to my carbs} with bread and sweet potatoes. The morning of a long run I have 1 PB Poptart, I fill my water bottle with Spark, and stuff a Nuun and 3 Rehydrate Gels in my bra.
I take 1 Gel at an hour, another at 1:45, and the last at 2:45. I will have to add a 4th at 3:30 when our runs get longer. The Nuun Hydration I use after my spark is gone - then just straight water.

I had to dig deep into my playlist and come up with some songs I haven't heard in a while mixed with some that aren't driving me crazy, yet.  I gotta mix slow, fast, old, and new.

Recovery: I'm still going to the Chiropractor once a week to get adjusted and keep up with my knee treatments - with insurance it's only 7 bucks a visit so I thought it wouldn't hurt to just keep going until my race. I also am still running in my Newton running shoe- Gravity III and LOVE em, my knee is holding up just great. Thank the Lord! I was pretty concerned about it for a while. After my long runs I go home and take a hot bath - I just can't with the ice bathes. I think the most important thing is not to use the rest of the day to just lay around, stay active and it will help prevent you from getting stiff. I cross train or play soccer the next day and I haven't had any issues with being sore.

Supplements: I'm still using all Advocare - here's a list of my daily.

OmegaPlex - 2 a day
Probiotic - 2 a day
Catalyst - 6 a day <<< this one is probably the most important because it helps to maintain your muscles while you are training. It contains Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), L-glutamine, L-arginine, betaine, taurine.

Branch Chain Aminos -  They are the three most important amino acids in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of muscle-tissue.
L- Glutamine -  The preservation of muscle mass and the supplying of an alternate energy source in glucose deprivated conditions 
L - Arginine -  mostly it facilitates muscle mass gain while limiting fat storage, because it keeps fat alive in the system and uses it. It's key in weight control.
Betaine - has the potential to boost muscle protein synthesis—and that means more growth, and more effective training. 
Taurine -  functions as an antioxidant to protect the body's cells from damage.
Antioxidants protect the body's cells from damage that results from certain chemical reactions involving oxygen (oxidation). Taurine is also said to improve mental and athletic performance: - See more at: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition/supplements/supplement-guide-taurine#sthash.On0j0m1C.dpuf
Antioxidants protect the body's cells from damage that results from certain chemical reactions involving oxygen (oxidation). Taurine is also said to improve mental and athletic performance: - See more at: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition/supplements/supplement-guide-taurine#sthash.On0j0m1C.dpuf
Antioxidants protect the body's cells from damage that results from certain chemical reactions involving oxygen (oxidation). Taurine is also said to improve mental and athletic performance: - See more at: http://www.mensfitness.com/nutrition/supplements/supplement-guide-taurine#sthash.On0j0m1C.dpuf



Starting Her off Right!

"Disclosure: I'm a PediaSure Fridgeworthy sponsored blog partner, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for more disclosures."

This girl is absolutely loving Kinder, she enjoys seeing her friends and being active all day. We've had to adjust her bedtime to around 8:30 because she's seemed extra tired in the evenings.  It's hard on Oliver though because some day's he's working until 7:45-8 pm and doesn't' get to spend as much time as he would like with her. 

He is the one to get her ready for school in the mornings  - he wakes her up at 6am so they don't have to rush to be out the door by 7:20. He makes her lunch everyday and feeds her breakfast, the problem we are having is that she's not very hungry that early. Usually she'll have a yogurt, but rarely will finish the entire thing. While we do pack her a nutritious lunch and snack, I have no real way of actually knowing how much of it she even eats. 

Being a pony is hard work, so after doing a little bit of research we found something that's going to make both her and I happy - PediaSure Sidekicks! Seeing how she is 5 and everything is a negotiation I took her to the store with me so she could pick them out for herself. If I give her the power to decide then it just makes getting her on my side so much easier :)

Lucky for us they are delish and easy, which will make Oliver's job just that much easier in the mornings. The PediaSure Sidekicks is a great source of protein, fiber and 25 essential vitamins and minerals for kids who are growing fine but may be missing nutrients, which helps me know that she's getting enough of the right stuff to get through a long day of school.

PediaSure is the kind of enrichment she needs to succeed every single day, it's blend of essential nutrients: a unique combination of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that allows for enhanced digestion and metabolization of essential vitamins and minerals complete and balanced nutrition. She's only getting more active and I want to be sure not only to teach her good eating habits, but that she's getting everything her growing body needs. She has been more open to trying new types of food lately, but still eats just a few bites here and there, not enough to know that she getting full benefits from foods alone. 

Besides - who wouldn't love a nice cold chocolate shake on a hot day? Not that she actually would share with me anyways.

How do you guys make sure your kids are getting the right amount of nutrients?

PediaSure partnered with bloggers such as me for its PediaSure Fridgworthy blogger program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. PediaSure believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. PediaSure’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. 



New Face Wear.

 I did something I've never done before, bought glasses online. The busier my life gets the more I have rely on online shopping for just about all my needs, trust me I get my money's worth out of my Amazon Prime membership!

Glasses are such a personal thing, I mean they go on your most prominent body part, your face. I was browsing the selection on Firmoo, reading reviews and seeing pictures other people posted. I decided to just use the Virtual Try On system - as seen above.  I'm glad I did because I thought it was pretty accurate to what I would actually look like with them on - very cool!

After I chose a pair, I gave them my prescription, got free shipping and I had them in a week!

I absolutely love 'em! They are a little different then what I normally get, but I like to change it up depending on my mood or outfit that day. They are SUPER affordable so I'm going to be ordering a backup pair and another pair for Oliver. 

We are a glasses lovin' family! Oliver and I both have bad eyesight so our kiddo's are most likely going to need them before too long. I think I got my first pair in 3rd grade, it was the 80's, not good. At all. They were half the size of my face. 

I was super impressed with the customer service and process of ordering with Firmoo, if you want to give it a go they offer first time customer a Free Pair - you just pay for lenses.

*I was sent a free pair of glasses in exchange for sharing my opinions. I loved it and I'm  passing my love along to y'all.



My Story: Why I Left.

I'm skipping Workout Wednesday this week to talk about something personal, domestic abuse. All I  see when I open Facebook or turn on the radio is discussion about Ray Rice and his wife.  I can't help but be thankful for my life, this is #whyileft

I was 18 and knew it all, I didn't need any guidance from my parents. I was working as a waitress in a local bar and making decent money, had a lot of friends, and every day was a party. He was a regular in the bar because he worked just down the street, had a good job, was older, and was very attentive. Of course I said yes when he asked me out, I was flattered someone older than me would even take an interest.

It started out great - we went out every night drinking, staying up until all hours of the night with friends. I was young and free - not a worry in the world that summer after high school graduation. The warning signs soon followed, the first being jealousy. He didn't want me to talk to any guys and was very 'protective' over me, I thought it was sweet. 

Within in the first month we had many many fights, mostly because I couldn't 'behave' as he called it. This was my first real relationship, I didn't know any better, so when he asked me to move in with him I said yes. It became very apparent that he was an alcoholic, drinking every night after work, and finally losing his job due to the drinking. 

I remember the first time he hit me - he was upset because he wanted to go out with his friends to a bar, but it was his weekend to watch his kids {he had from a previous relationship} and I refused to stay home and watch them for him. He literally beat the shit out of me in front of them and left anyways. 

I called a friend to come over, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave. I was not getting along with my parents at the time and felt like I had no where to go. He made me feel like I needed him. He made me not believe in myself. He made me feel like it was my fault.

Of course the next day he was so sorry, he cried and begged me to forgive him and I always did. I thought he would change, I thought I could be better for him. Months went by, jobs couldn't be held, and the drinking continued. Fights were a weekly thing - anything could set him off. If he even THOUGHT I was looking at another guy he would flip, I learned to walk with my head bowed any time we were out.

He convinced me to move an hour away from Dallas with him to live with his Grandmother, I thought it would be a fresh start. We moved and both found jobs, things settled for a while, but the drinking finally came to a head. One night after drinking with friends, I got into a car with him and his brother who was also drunk and we crashed into a tree - I was in the backseat and when the car hit the tree the beer in the car exploded, but I thought it was blood and screamed so loud I thought I was going to deafen myself. Only by the Grace of God did I survive. I started to feel like I couldn't live this kind of life anymore.

The breaking point for me was a random Monday. We had been arguing over something all morning, but got into the car with his Grandmother to go somewhere. He started to hit me while we were in the backseat, beating me over the head. His Grandmother was telling me to stop screaming - blaming me for his actions. I couldn't take it anymore so I opened up the door of the moving car and flung myself out. For whatever reason they didn't stop and a teacher pulled up next to me and took me to her school so I could call my Mom to come and get me. That was the last time I saw him. 

If you would of asked me before all of this I would have adamantly told you that I would NEVER let a man lay a hand on me. I was STRONG. Until it happens to you, 'love' can make you stay, feelings of inadequacy can make you stay, feeling like you're alone can make you stay. 

All I can say is that I was saved, by Him. He gave me the courage to leave and to stay gone. While I remember this time in my life with sadness, I am stronger for it, but it was not without personal repercussions, but that's a story for another day.  



20 Pounds, 17 Inches, and Marathon Training

Dress- Sugar Love ON SALE // Boots - Nordstrom 40% OFF

It's been about 3 months since I've done measurements so here's an update - all of this was lost on IIFYM.

Chest: 39 to a 36
Legs: 25 to 23 each
Hips: 47 to a 42.5 <<<<< My problem area and the hardest for me to shrink - this makes me happy!
Waist: 37 to a 31
Weight lost between these two numbers: 20 pounds
I'm averaging about 1.5 pounds a week which is fine by me, slow and steady wins the race. Obviosuly I'm also adding muscle cause I'm getting faster and stronger on my runs.

These were my splits from this morning and this was still in 80% humidity so I'm pretty impressed with myself. It helps to run with a woman who is a super marathon'er and we chatted macros and food the whole time. Talking helps to distract me from feeling like I'm dying.

We are halfway through the Diet Bet and I only need to lose .5 pound to win it - third try is a charm :) Where I'm really struggling is with my macro timing - eating the bulk of my carbs around my workouts. I find it hard to eat that many carbs early in the day, but to really drop fat I need to come up with a plan that will work for me! My goal this week is to focus on ways to achieve that - I want to eat at least 70% of my carbs by 11am. 

Saturday I ran my longest run to date - 15 miles. I tried some Advocare Rehydrate Gel that I happened to have at home and it was like the Heaven's opened and rained down energy on me. I was super nervous to even try something new after the disaster that was Gatorade last week, but if nothing I'm brave. I only brought one with me because they are a bit big to carry - probably twice the size of Gu - I opened it around mile 7.5 and squeezed it in my mouth. First off I thought I had missed my mouth because I couldn't taste or feel anything, but it's just really watery and the flavor {lemon} is super light. Miles 10,11,and 12 (the top three times above) were my best splits and they were super hills that I took like a freaking boss. I'm going to be stuffing these into every free spot in my bra and taking one every 45 minutes. No more Gu.

Soccer Sunday's are back for another season - with new pretty pink jerseys! I was worried about my stamina after that run, but staying active throughout the day Saturday {no couch sitting!} really helps to keep the soreness at bay. The only thing that hurt was the bottoms of my feet.

With all this extra cardio I'm doing right now I have to be sure to be on top of my nutrition and supplements. I'm adding in extra carbs on long run days and taking my Catalyst twice a day to maintain my muscles - I'd hate to run them off. A typical runner who sheds just one pound of body fat could see a one-minute improvement in their marathon time without any change in fitness<<< that's enough motivation for me!



Inspiration for Fall Photos.

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group®, InStyle, Vogue and Elle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirefallfashion  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Family pictures were this weekend and while I love having them as a keepsake to prove I was once young and cute, getting outfits and people ready is exhausting. Choosing what to wear is probably one of the hardest parts for me, this time I turned to one of my favorite magazines for inspiration - In Style. Target {my favorite store ever!} has a great promotion going - buy any two Fall fashion magazines (InStyle, ELLE, and/or Vogue) and get a $5 Target gift card through September 13th.

Neutral eyes, strong brows, and a pop of cheek are all beauty items I saw for Fall - I really really like the POP eyeshadow I got in my Ipsy bag and it came in handy - usually I go for a purple on my eye to bring out the blue, but I'm enjoying the golds!

I saw a lot of deep parted hair for Fall and I thought I'd give it a try and I love it! To get a good side swoop first brush your bangs up and curl with a flat iron or curling iron back then let fall and brush to the side.

Aubergine is a big color this fall and I happened to find the perfect shade in my closet, I think I'm going to have to find some more of this color- it's what pink is in the summer!

All the babies were happy so I hope they turn out fantastic! I went all neutral for baby Aiden with his Fox onesie and his first pair of Moccs! AmberJane always gets the best shots - even nine months pregnant! 



Friday Fav's: Ready for Fall

There is a cold front coming and I can't wait! I mean, it may just get us down to the low 90's, but I will take anything right now. I'm so ready for Fall, boots, scarves, sweaters, and Pumpkin Lattes. 

I'm going to share a few of my recent Fall must haves and must gets. 

it Cosmetics No-tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner // I tend to wear more eye make up in the Fall and Winter, but eyeliner has ALWAYS been a problem for me because it ALWAYS ends up under my eyes in a black smudge. That is another reason I love my lash extensions - mascara ended up there too. Well the Heaven's opened and I found the BEST eyeliner on the planet. Literally want to dance around with happiness because it just stays all day long. 

Ann Taylor High Waisted Pants // I am not quite back to my pre-baby pants so I will need a few things for work and I am loving the faux leather details on the pants from Ann Taylor - and they are 40% off right now!

 Ann Taylor Billie Cutout Leather Peeptoe Shooties // Last week these happened to be half off and then they just happened to fall into my cart and show up at my house. Weird. They are super comfy, cute, and the perfect shoe to transition from Summer to Fall. 

 Gold Bracelets from Clovers & Pearls. //  Nothing completes an outfit more than a stack of pretty bling on your wrist. For Fall I really love gold and I can't wait to mix it up with some fun plaid items!

XOXO Plaid Pencil Skirt //  Speaking of plaid - I think it would be fabulous in a pencil skirt! 

Happy Shopping!



Aiden: 6 Months Old and Feeding Questions.

“Disclosure: I'm a Similac StrongMoms Ambassador and am a sponsored blog partner, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.” 

This is a little shocking: baby Aiden is 6 months old.

He is weighing in around 22 pounds and 97th percentile for height and weight. He's a big boy with an even bigger appetite.  Being as there is 5 years between my children I almost feel as if I am a new mother all over again, just with less fear of messing up. I rely on the internet and my friends for advice quite often.

 Amazingly recommendations for different baby items have changed! I've heard a lot of conflicting information on when to introduce solids, which has been something we are dealing with over the last month. His pediatrician actually recommends not starting solids until 6 months, but as we all know not every baby is the same so I set out to do a little research myself.

Q: When and how should I introduce and transition my baby to solid foods?

The AAP also recommends that infants begin eating solid foods at around six months of age. This is the opportune time as you will notice your baby has become interested in the food you are eating (watch them open their mouths when you do) and at the same time a baby is just starting to sit up which makes it easy to start spoon feeding. Spoon feeding is initially about teaching your baby to put the spoon into their mouth and to begin experiencing new textures. Once your baby is enjoying spoon feeding it is easy to start adding pureed veggies, fruits and meats. The most important point about spoon feeding is that babies will typically eat almost any pureed or "mushy” food that they are offered, so now is the time to start healthy eating habits with a diversity of foods. Don’t be afraid to try new foods (kale, avocado, apricots, prunes), even things that you may not typically eat. As you do this, be sure to wait 3-5 days between introducing new foods so that you can observe any potential reactions to foods. Your baby will continue to have breast milk or formula as well as pureed foods at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. When you first start your baby on foods you will not notice much of a change in the volume of their milk intake, but over several months, as they are eating a “meal” with meats, veggies and fruits you will see that they begin taking less formula or breast milk.

So after reading this info from Dr Sue Hubbard I checked the signs of readiness; sitting up, taking interest in food, and using a spoon.

Check, check, check. This kid was more than ready to get down to some real foods! We started out with avocado, bananas, and sweet potatoes once a day - usually late morning. We were still using the Similac Advanced Stage 1 formula.  

More recently I've grown concerned that he is hungry - a lot. One night after he drank 3 8 oz bottles between bedtime and getting up time I thought maybe I should do a little more reading on solids. 

Q: What are the signs that my baby is eating enough?
 " Follow your baby’s lead and feed when he or she naturally wants to eat, paying careful attention for any hunger cues — rooting for milk, sucking motions, or putting hands to mouth. Crying is a late sign of hunger, and might be a signal for something else. Here are some signs to look out for: 

 Number of wet diapers a baby produces: Six to eight wet diapers and one or two passed stools per day are signs that your baby is eating enough. Your baby might be dehydrated or constipated if you are changing diapers less frequently. Contact your pediatrician if a major change in the baby's eating habits and/or digestion occur. 
Weight gain: If your baby is feeding enough, he or she should gain a small amount of weight each week. Keep in mind that babies gain weight and develop at different rates and parents should consult with the baby’s pediatrician to determine what is healthy."


Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's definitely eating enough, my little chuck! I decided to add in another solid right before bath time and he ate 2 servings plus another bottle and slept like a champ. 

Now my main concern is if I'm going to be able to afford to feed him when he's a teenager!  I know that it's a myth that formula or solids will make a baby sleep better, I clearly remember it not working for Madison, but so far it seems to help little fat baby Aiden.

We are switching his formula to the Advance Stage 2 per Similac recommendation - you can click here to find what's right for your baby.

***About Dr. Sue Hubbard, Pediatrician, The Kid’s Doctor
Dr. Sue Hubbard is a member of the Pediatric Associates of Dallas, where she was the first female doctor in the group and has continued to practice for the past 20 years. She graduated with honors from The University of Texas with a degree in biology. Dr. Sue received her medical degree from The University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School, where she graduated with honors and was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha honors medical fraternity. Dr. Sue is a regular on television across Texas. Her nationally syndicated newspaper column, “The Kid’s Doctor,” is distributed by Tribune Media Services. Dr. Hubbard has an agreement to serve as a subject matter expert on behalf of Similac.

 Similac partnered with bloggers such as me for its Similac StrongMoms Ambassador Program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Similac believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.



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