Lifting Plan

 With all the running I'm doing I've had to cut out any extra cardio classes I was doing at the gym, like spin or turbo kick. I was given a list of lifting routines from Paige to try out and I found one that I like, I of course added a few things to it, but kept the gist of the program the same. 4 sets of increasing reps for 5 weeks.

I like the simplicity of it, I don't have time to figure out workouts each day for myself so this is perfect for me while I marathon train. You can of course change the weight as you need, but make sure it's challenging. After the first week I had it memorized so I don't even need to pull out my phone and look - I go in and warm up with a mile on the treadmill {slow} and get out all the different weights I need so I don't waste time in between sets. It takes about 45 minutes to complete and I do it 3x a week.

Be sure to check out these shoes here and enter the Ruffles with Love giveaway!

You don't need a ton of cardio to be a sweaty ass mess when you leave the gym! I also shared a easy {at home} leg workout over on my IG - click here.

Upcoming >>>>

1. My October Challenge Group has been freaking amazing, these ladies have all participated and support each other all month long. The smaller group size was a good decision, so much easier to hold people accountable. SO. I will be holding another for November, to be in the running to get into the group you must be part of the #smchallenge secret Facebook group that's where I'll post info - not on my blog. To get in the secret group you must leave your email address for the invite on my SkinnyMeg Facebook page {in the comments is fine}.

2. I am holding one last Diet Bet for this year - before the dreaded Holidays! It will start next Tuesday, the 28th, the link is available if you would like to sign up now. It will run from Oct 28th to Nov 24th which is the Monday before Thanksgiving, I personally will need the extra push with all the freaking treats being brought up to work.

Happy Hump Day!


Hills and Cupcakes.

Saturday we had a huge company party that I was in charge of so that meant I had to get up at 3:45am and get my training run in, thankfully a friend offered to meet me so I wouldn't have to run alone in the dark. Dedication I tell you!

 I'm about to say something super sick - that was one easy run. It honestly felt like we only did 8 I was not tired at all, but I can only hope that feeling sticks around because I have another 18 this weekend. 

Ugh - taking selfies in the dark is hard! hahaha #firstworldproblems
I have found my perfect running pants at Cozy Orange, I HAVE to be sure they are clean for every run because they are just that comfortable.  When you are running is something for hours at a time comfort is important, the waistband is wide and the fabric is super soft so they fit like a second skin. I got the Pele Fitted Yoga Pant in medium {I wear a 12 in most jeans} and you can get 20% off using COZYMEG <<< thank you for the code! If you like capri's better I have these and loveeeeee 'em too - Helena Yoga Crop

 When your text messages look like this on Monday night you look forward to getting up at 4:27am to go run a bunch of hills.

 Plus check out those splits, one guess where the hills were. I was looking through my Time-Hop app and I saw 2 years ago I was running 10 miles at a 10 min pace, dang, I need to get myself back to that! I think after I finish this marathon I will check out some speed work they do at the track. I don't know what 800's are, but everyone was freakin' out so they must be good.

It pays to run with a baker - Poppy Locks is freaking amazing, not only are the delish, but she makes things that are gluten and paleo friendly. I seriously wish I had even a 10th of that cooking ability! Did I mention she has a rockin' bod and follows IIFYM? #girlcrush  
Her Instagram is full of food porn, so yummy!

Running groups can seem very intimidating - I always worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up or embarrass myself by running slower than everyone, but honestly it's been the best thing I've done for my running. It pushes me harder and it's so much more fun than running solo - if you are new to running or an old pro you should totally check out groups in your area, runners are just the best group of people! Heck - start your own group!

In other non running news - this is what I'm working on every night.



Pinking it out with Skechers and Ruffles with Love!

***Thanks to Skechers for sponsoring today's discussion

 A few years ago I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness walk and I can't even convey the amount of love and support I felt that day - truly overwhelming. When Skecher's came out with their GoRun Sprint Awareness shoes in support of breast cancer awareness I was happy to help spread the word. Skecher's Performance is helping to support the American Cancer Society by releasing a special line of shoes for the month of October.

The GoRun Sprint shoes are just darling, I love love love the design and the polka dot laces! They are the perfect shoe to do some sprints on the treadmill before I go and pick up heavy things - not including my kids :)

Top from Ruffles with Love.
I know a lot of you probably know someone who has fought this nasty disease and I hope that one day - with all this support from so many different places - we can make it a little less scary. Breast cancer occurs in 1 in 8 women and it' s NOT just hereditary, of women who do develop breast cancer, most do not have a strong family history of the disease - Please, please get regular check ups!

Skechers is launching a register round-up program in Skechers Retail stores in which customers can round up their purchase to the nearest whole dollar to benefit American Cancer Society for the entire month of October. If consumers donate $5 or more, they will also receive a 20% off discount for their next visit. This will offer anyone shopping for any item in a Skechers retailer store the opportunity to give back and support the cause.

Also -  I'm teaming up with the very fabulous Walking in Memphis is High Heels {who's totally going to have a baby any minute now and I couldn't be more excited!!!} and Ruffles with Love to bring y'all a terrific giveaway! If you've never ordered a Ruffles with Love shirt - October might just be the perfect time to do that - pink is where it's at!

 In addition to tanks Vanessa also offers some uber cute onesies, as modeled by my own cute fat chunky monkey!

God Bless his beautiful bald head!

Two winners will be chosen and you get a choice of either a custom workout tank or onesie!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



 Morning ladies! I am having the craziest work week, so much going on, I got lists coming out of my ears. Even so I have a few diet things I wanted to share and an ab workout I did for my October Challenge group. 

My weight loss journey started 5 years ago and I've gone through many different phases and learned new things. I've lost the baby weight and then some once, I've gone through stressful times and learned to deal with it without turning to food, I've now had a super active pregnancy, and again I'm working my butt of to lose the weight for the last time. I was a cardio queen, I was a clean eater, I was a first time Mom learning to lose weight while staying home with a baby, I became a working Mother of two, and through it all I've stayed consistent.

I'm always willing to try new things, I will be the first to admit that I do NOT know even half of what I should know. This is not my job, I did not go to school to be a trainer or a nutritionist, I was a business major. Fitness is just something I enjoy, it's my non-mom/wife time, it makes me feel good about myself.  I only share what I learn on here for fun, not as a professional.

I've decided to try something new and hire a coach {Flex Coaching by Paige} for a few months, I just want a professional opinion on my diet and workouts. I am not trying to do a Bikini competition or anything of the sort, I just want some advice and help on getting the most out of my efforts. I for sure have the drive and motivation, but not always the knowledge, so that's where Paige come's in. Anyways, I'll be updating y'all with that weekly so I just wanted you to know. I am still doing Flexible Dieting, after all the different 'diets' I've tried this is my absolute favorite and something I see myself being able to do long term with little issue.

Dessert Pro-Yo
I will eat tilapia/chicken and veggies every night just so I can have my pro-yo after! Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon swirl protein powder topped with mini Reese's Oreo 341 calories 33c/10f/31p

Hope you enjoy the ab's - I really really need to record these videos BEFORE I workout, haha. Here's is the You Tube link if you need it.




The Truth about Marathon Training.

I'm about to break this marathon training down for y'all - it's not going to be pretty. I feel like so many of the stories I've read about marathon training kinda went like this - 'yeah it was really hard, but I did it and now I feel awesome'. 

This is not one of those stories.

I am currently in week 14 or 21 of my marathon training - we just ran our longest mileage of 18 miles this past weekend and it went something like this...

Brady Band - I hate cold ears!

Starting on Wednesday I obsessively check my weather app 4x a day for rain, the forecast is saying 90% chances of rain for Friday night and Saturday morning. I've never done a long run in the rain and it terrifies me, I don't want to run for 18 miles in wet shoes. What about my phone?? I can't take my new phone in the rain, but what if I need it to call for help? What should I wear? I'm told to wear a visor and no poncho by my marathon buddies. 

I wake up and it's raining and in the 60's so I put on a long sleeved shirt with a tank underneath, but by the Grace of God it stops raining 5 minutes before the run starts. I put my iPhone in a snack baggie and it fits in my iPhone 6 Armband , problem solved. I also ordered a Camelbak Hydration Belt so I wouldn't have to carry anything in my hand, plus the bag part is huge and holds all my favorite running fuels. 

Speaking of running fuels, I start super hydrating 3 days before. I also am sure to get in every single carb {not just pasta the night before} and I also - this is super important - get up way early and drink a big glass of water to - um - get things moving. My serious fear is getting stuck on mile 12 with 'that runner's problem' and no freaking bathroom. I would die. #literallydie

I take 2 O2 gold and 3 Catalyst before my runs.

OK - NOW we can run.

Starting at 6am is nice cause the first 5\6 miles are in the dark, the group is chatting while we run around the lake and I"m feeling nice. Nice and happy. People in the group are excited to see each other and lots of chit chat is happening, people going on dates, what people have been doing at work that week, lots of catching up and the miles just fly by.

We stop for water around mile 5 - I take a gel and drink some spark.

We turn onto a new running trail slightly after that, which is paved, but with the long hard rain just hours before there are a ton of puddles and MUD. Lots of mud, which means there are lots of times I had to jump around so I didn't fall.

We stop again for water around mile 9 - a gel and some water.

It's getting colder, but I can't tell if it's the weather or if I'm just sweaty, but my arms are freezing. We run up some hills and my legs are starting to feel tired and I repeatedly tell myself - you are not tired, you are not tired, you are not tired. It's way to early for me to be feeling that way.

Mile 11 My stomach gets tight and I feel a strong stitch coming on, deep breathing.  Did I drink too much water? Maybe. Ugh, it's spreading to the other side now. Ok, don't freak out just shake out your shoulders and breathe. About a half mile later it's gone.

Mile 12 I start chatting with another girl in the group who I hadn't met before - she was just coming back from her honeymoon and hadn't run in a few weeks. Her race is in November and this was her last ditch effort to get in a long run before she tapers.

Mile 13 I really am feeling tired, I start day dreaming about coffee and food cause I'm hungry. Someone else in the group is hungry too and he keeps talking about it which is making me even more hungry. I look over and see Highway 635, just how far are we from the lake??

Mile 14 Hills. Just so many damn hills. I want to walk so much, but they just keep on running. I'm screaming in my head - please just let me walk. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Everyone's chatting away and no one hears my silent pleas.

I get to the top of the last hill and I had a lump in my throat - gah. No crying, everyone else is like, no big deal, and here I am almost in tears thinking we still have almost 4 miles left to run. FML.

Mile 15 I'm running with my gal in the back and I apologize to her that I'm not so talkative this run, I kinda feel mad. Pissed actually - I want my body to do what my mind and heart says!!! The girl I chatted with earlier is running in front of my with her red ponytail swinging  jubilantly - she doesn't even look tired and I want to throat punch her.

Mile 16  Water stop. I tell red pony girl that I need her to act like she's tired so that I feel better, she laughs and tells me that it's starting to hit her. Ugh, just no. I break out the skittles and grab a handful thinking - damn I should of weighed these beforehand. A few of us start to slowly walk while the rest fill up with water.

I decide I need some musical motivation so I turn on my headphones and stay slightly in front of the pack. The Skittles start to kick in and I'm feeling it - runners high - it's coming on and I think I see the turnoff for the parking lot. I starting singing out loud 'I look fine, I look good' and I don't give a shit who is watching me, I'm about to PR this run.

Then I realize we are further than I thought from the car, so I turn my happy ass around and get back with the pack. We finish and I limp, very slowly, back to my car. My legs have never been this sore so fast after a run, my back is killing me, I'm hungry, and I'm covered in dried salt sweat.

My legs are throbbing.
The ends of my toes are in so much pain.
I'm chaffed all around my boobs.
I'm pretty sure if I have to bend down I will not be able to get back up. 

Am I happy it's over? I guess, but my first thought is - I really would still need to do 8 more.

8 more freaking miles.

 Guess I'll just keep running and man up.



Living Room Update - Part 1

I've gotten the itch to switch up the living room after my Mom sent me this super cute console table from Shanty 2 Chic.  I decided to move the buffet I had back there and have my handy woodworking neighbor build me one similar. He suggested we find a cheaper route than ordering the posts online for 60 each, so he scouted out a bed for 20 bucks.

Then he just built the boxes on top and bottom - well I'm sure it was more work than that ;) There are detailed plans on the Shanty's girls website if you're wanting to make one of your own.

I went back and forth on distressing it, but for now I'm going to leave it creamy white.

As always with me, one small project leads to five more. We've been discussing buying a new couch for a few months now and after a little research online we found one be BOTH like from I O Metro.

Shopping with Oliver can be frustrating, he has very rigid ideas about what he does and doesn't like and one of the 'doesn't like' items is microfiber. He's crazy adamant about it, hates it and doesn't want it. Which is fine, but we also are not a fan of leather which we've had before. Linen is super hard to keep clean, so that narrows the options {in our price range} a lot. This store is not a big chain and I'd actually never been in, but found it while shopping online. I have to say they have some really great trendy items, are pretty affordable, and are made in the USA - which is a bonus in our book. Even better that it was Columbus Day Weekend and got a great sale price! It won't be delivered until mid - November though, which is ok because it lead to another issue.

Our couch now is a L Shape and the new one is more long and slightly U shaped, so we need a bigger rug to ground it all  {ignore the one above that's temporary for baby Aiden to play on}. I have a couple options picked out from my favorite rug place Rugs USA.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I also couldn't pass up those gorgeous turquoise curtains at I O Metro - uh sale priced too!  At least I have a month to pick out new pillows, cause that's a chore all in itself, but I'm leaning towards burlap or something of that nature.

What do y'all think - neutral or color on the rug?



#flexbreak and a Body Weight Workout

Boom. #flexbreak
Take those progress pictures ladies - if you are putting in the work and giving it time you will see results. 

I put together a fast lower body routine - just using your body weight - for my challenge group so I thought I'd share it here. My video's not the best cause I did it after I ran 10 miles on Saturday and Aiden was sleeping when I got home so I just busted it out real quick, but the demo is here

I am trying out something new - Pretty Fit Greens. It's a superfood powder that I mix with water and drink daily.

It’s a good way to make sure you’re eating a wide variety of superfoods that would otherwise be very difficult to consume. Ask yourself….how often would you eat wheatgrass or spirulina if you didn’t have a superfood powder?

They are alkalizing. These concentrated greens help to reduce acidity in the blood and the tissues and they help to replenish the body's alkaline reserves. <<< Because if the alkaline reserve isn’t stocked with what it needs, your body will begin to find the alkaline minerals it needs elsewhere-in places like your your bones and teeth.

It's just a super easy way to get all that good stuff in every. single. day. 


Another 10 Pounds - Progression Pictures.

Let's start off with some progress pics, I'm trying to keep up with them since this is the absolute LAST time I plan to lose the weight.

I'm pretty excited about that triceps muscle showing up for the party! Over the weekend I popped into TJMaxx {with both kids and Oliver - abort abort!} I needed some new pants for work and I picked up a bunch tried them on and bought 2 - after I wore them yesterday I realized they were a size 10. That really made my day!! I don't consider myself a 'size 10' though until I can walk into almost any store and any brand of 10's will fit, but it's still nice to get a pair or two on :)

Headband is a Bondi Band
Saturday I was supposed to run a 15k with my running club, but Thursday we had this super intense storm roll though with some crazy high winds and it knocked over giant tress all around the lake so they canceled the race. I went ahead and did 10 on my own, it's been awhile since I just ran with my thoughts and my music and it wasn't too bad, but I prefer to run with people for longer runs to help pass the time.

 The weather was chilly enough for long sleeves and the sunrise was stunning over the lake, it gave me all kinds of happy running endorphins. This is why I run, that feeling is addictive. If you can get past the 'man this sucks' phase great things wait for you!

I'm still weight training at the gym 3x a week, I've cut back some on the legs cause, marathon training. I do my heaviest legs on Monday and full body on Wednesday and Thursday, rest Fridays and the weekends are running and more running with a side of soccer. 

I've really been trying to focus on my water intake, obviously seen here with water bottles filling my car,  I tend to lose track of time and some days I honestly can't even remember how much I've had. Someone shared this in my challenge group and I had to get one - Motivational Bottles.

I absolutely love it - I drank well over my limit and it helps keep me on track with the time stamps. Love. Plus it's filtered so if you have to drink tap they got you covered.



Baby Aiden is 7 Months Old.

2 years ago I was starting my first round of Clomid after almost a year of trying to get pregnant with no luck. 1 year ago I was celebrating with family and friends at my gender revel after finding out we were having a boy. Yesterday my sweet little boy turned 7 months old and I'm thanking my lucky stars for him!

At his 6 month checkup he was still a chunk - 95th percentile for height and weight. We stick with a traditional vaccination schedule so he had his shots and also a round of antibiotics - he's had 2 ear infections in the last 2 months thanks to a sister who brings home all the Kinder germs. I swear it's like those 5 year old's are kissing each other!

 He can get tubes when he's 9 months so we will probably just go that route and save ourselves months of shoving medicine in his mouth. He's had a goopy eye since the day he was born, we at first thought it would go away, then we thought it was because he's had a cold, but it's looking like he's going to have to have his eye duct poked :( I'm worried that if we wait to see if it resolves on it's own when he's a year old that it will be super traumatic for him, better to do it now while he won't remember.

Blocks from Cora and Plum

 He wears a size 9-12 month clothing - I buy things and I think 'wow that looks huge no way it will fit him' and yep, it sure does. We are no longer cloth diapering, my family was actively working against me on it once he started formula, they would put him is disposables when I was at work and finally I just gave up, not worth the daily arguments. Super annoying, but sometimes you just have to pick your battles. 

Bottle Pets are handy!
The best thing to happen in the last month was him holding his own bottle! It's so nice to be able to give him one while I make dinner, I just need a good 15 minutes hands free to get Madison fed and food going. 


He already is a pro-selfie taker, check out that grin! Obviously we super love stripes, haha, almost every outfit! He has two teeth on the bottom that are razor sharp, his teething seems to have subsided a bit, we are still using an Amber teething necklace and I have to say I HIGHLY recommend. I was very skeptical, but I've seen the proof on my own kid - worth the 30 bucks. 

We are slowly hitting the 'I only want Mommy' phase - he wants to be held more and fusses if I'm within eyesight. That's OK with me, I want to just kiss on the perfectly bald head any chance I get.

He's not crawling, but has been rocking on his knees so I know it's not long until he's mobile. Yikes, it's been a while since I've had to deal with a crawling baby - I'm going to have to baby proof all over again. 

 We stopped swaddling, but switched to the Zipadee-Zip which I absolutely love! It's a transition item to help babies still feel secure, but not be completely straight jacked once they start rolling over. I like it because he knows once he's zipped up it's bed time, it helps him sleep better. I just looked at the website and it looks like they are sold out after being on Shark Tank last week, glad I ordered months ago!



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